What's up with the Y2K movie?

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We're here on the Big Island of Hawaii, watching broadcast "NBC". Trailers for movies during the day... 4pm now (9pm Eastern)... and there's "Cheers Behind the Bar"!!!

Is it showing anywhere else? Delayed?

-- Y2KGardener (muth@bigfoot.com), November 21, 1999


On in Cincinnati right now.

-- (roark@not.now), November 21, 1999.

It is showing now (9:19 Eastern time).

Not too bad, gotta remember that the vast majority are NOT up to speed on this.

-- mushroom (mushroom_bs_too_long@yahoo.com), November 21, 1999.

It just started. The first part seems to be running true to what we know. NBC is keeping to facts, just not telling ALL the facts. A small portion concerning food shortage.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

9:27 ET here, still "Cheers". Anyone else being deprived? Anyone want to e-mail me an AVI file ;-P

-- Y2KGardener (muth@bigfoot.com), November 21, 1999.

Gotta remember that this movie broadcast (as lame as it is!) will only re-inforce the SUR-reality of Y2K. "It can't be real." Ahh what a society in which we live.

The denial continues, accelerated.

-- faith (y2kaos@home.com), November 21, 1999.

The movie is pretty stupid to me so far...

Don't hold your breath...

-- STFrancis (STFrancis@heaven.com), November 21, 1999.

Real cheesy background music!

-- drew (watching@the.movie), November 21, 1999.

Not a bad start, but very anal on aircraft so far....

Alot of the grid is down in China and Southeast Asia!

-- PJC (paulchri@msn.com), November 21, 1999.

On in Tampa. Better than I was led to believe it would be.

-- (normally@ease.notnow), November 21, 1999.

Thanks for the running commentary (honestly!) -- I'd like to know the reason why the shelves in Hawaii are cleared of TP again. How do these TV networks work - does it take time for the movie to air while they courier it across the country?!

9:37 Eastern and still waiting...

-- Y2KGardener (muth@bigfoot.com), November 21, 1999.

WOW, NYC is without power... and people are *gasp* can you believe it SCREAMING. Power cascading... Philadelphia without power... lost the entire Eastern Seaboard and NOW OH NO... SAVE US... Their y2k central headquarters is without power.


Hmnn maybe it's not so cheesy after all....

Ahhh there we go... Power is back on.... WHeeew... save...

-- STFrancis (STFrancis@heaven.com), November 21, 1999.


-- Y2KGardener (muth@bigfoot.com), November 21, 1999.

Well, the movie was OK until the obstetrical part. The monitor was bogus. Not good tech research by NBC.

-- (deliverer@OB.com), November 21, 1999.

On now (8:00pm CST) in Mpls/St. Paul. Thank God for the *mute* button.

-- Scarlett (ohara@tara.net), November 21, 1999.

It's actually pretty good so far. In fact, for a TV movie, I'd have to give it two thumbs up. A number of the incidents are based on actual simulation results, e.g., the smokestack monitor shutdown of a power plant. I'm glad I'm taping it "for later".

-- Steve Heller (stheller@koyote.com), November 21, 1999.

Don't you just love the disclaimers?

-- Andre Coltrin (andre@coltrin.org), November 21, 1999.

Now a Nuke plant in Sweden has gone down. Eee Gads. Seattle's is the same design! Dont fear Nick is getting on the Y2K immune supersonic jet to go and save the day. I did like the quote though "Anybody who tells you they know whats going to happen is lying." So far one curmudgen kook prepper and one prudent granddad prepper. STAY TUNED

-- (watching@movie.com), November 21, 1999.

"Y2K" is showing here in Kansas City (despite earlier reports of pressure with local affiliate to cancel the showing). Affiliate promises a report on local readiness on the local news after the movie.

No panic on my street yet @ 8:52 PM CST.


-- kc (kc@kc.kc), November 21, 1999.

ATM glitch. Bank limit of money being withdrawn. Cascading of power outage. Reference to bomb in Japan. Emergency surgery and woman dies. Hospital monitors malfuntion. Hospital aks about generator. Nuke plants in peril.. Forgive spelling.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

Plane is landing sideways.... Some kind a plant has a lot of death's. Sweden has a nuke plant that is toast.

-- STFrancis (STFrancis@heaven.com), November 21, 1999.

Agree with Steve. I think it is pretty good up until now. The disclaimer only adds to the seriousness of the movie.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

The plane landing segment was real bad!! but I guess for a tv movie you have to compress stuff and just make stuff happen. How will they save Seatle. Just but on the brakes and swerve out of the way?

-- Andre Coltrin (andre@coltrin.org), November 21, 1999.

its a lousy flick, about what I expected - it IS t.v. after all. So, who knows, might just be what Joe Bagadonuts will pay attention to.

-- Dan G (thepcguru@hotmail.com), November 21, 1999.

Showing here in Durham, NCC. Not seen any disclaimers so far, but haven't watched every second. Better than I thought it would be. Local affiliate ads indicate discussion to follow movie.

-- Old Git (anon@spamproblems.com), November 21, 1999.

Folks, PLEASE remember that the mass majority have paid NO attention to this little issue.

This could affect people more than WE realize.

Or not.

But, don't write it off because we can pick apart details.

-- mushroom (mushroom_bs_too_long@yahoo.com), November 21, 1999.

Prison doors open, riots. Star rides in helicopter to Nuke plant guarded by military. Reboot at Nuke plants brings about possible meltdown. Good description of meltdown, who it will effect locally and then nationally. Mass evacuations, FEMA, Pentagon and evacation camps all part of dialogue. (I think there was a joke about the President saying some soothin, comforting, encouraging words) NBC is hitting on everything we have talked about on the forum for the past year. I think they have been lurking.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

WHAT DISCLAIMERS? Never saw any!

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), November 21, 1999.

Here they are running this asinine warning about the movie being fiction and having no relation to reality. Strangest meltdown in Sweden, no steam explosion just that nasty evil radiation dropping everyone in there tracks. Those darn f-18's dropping from the sky.

I thought Guam was the military's first base?

-- squid (Itsdark@down.here), November 21, 1999.

Disclaimers on the tube in Columbus.."This is fiction" yatta yatta to be followed by the local news giving the locals prep. info.. This should be interesting...

-- Want Cold Weather (Too Warm@theEdgeOfColumbus.com), November 21, 1999.

How many people are watching this do you think?

-- PJC (paulchri@msn.com), November 21, 1999.

As bad as the story is they are covering just about everything I'm expecting to happen SOMEWHERE. Even had the obligatory Guardsman shoots Citizen scene.


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), November 21, 1999.

You're right on Mushroom..

Alot of people think it's a mainframe problem... if they've thought about it at all...

-- PJC (paulchri@msn.com), November 21, 1999.

Man with home surrounded by barded wire, military tries to evacuate. Man shoots his gun itnto the air, military shoots man. Back to Nuke plant. Chernobyl revisited with footage. Nuke plant no longer computer operated, must go to manual. Star to the rescue.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhon.com), November 21, 1999.

Just to add perspective, we are receiving this movie on NBC New York and NBC Philly....NY is not running the disclaimer...Philly is running it almost non-stop. The disclaimer is somewhat spooky to me. It's almost surreal.

-- kritter (kritter@adelphia.net), November 21, 1999.

At the nuke plant: "I don't know what's goin' on, but I see alot of steam".

-- PJC (paulchri@msn.com), November 21, 1999.


One of my DGI friends called tonite to tell me he and his wife went out today and bought a few weeks worth of food because the movie is airing tonite and they're afraid of panic starting tomorrow. I think this will have an effect on a LOT more people than all of US put together...

Btw, I do like the fact that the systems failing in the movie are ones which were SUPPOSEDLY FIXED!! It's what we've been saying all along.


-- TECH32 (TECH32@NOMAIL.COM), November 21, 1999.

Plot is starting to veer to the unreal. Reassurance from the news room all is well at the nuke plant while star is desperately trying to open all pipes manually and by himself. Explosion in area where star is working, star is not hurt. Down to 8 minutes before meltdown and star finds the answer to problem Use a hammer to open valve. Star can save the day.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

I don't know about y'all, but I've always been clueless as to how the majority of people think.

So, I appreciate the info coming in about the calls from "pollies".

My dear bride did not want to watch the movie. She's helped me prep, she's listened to me. She does NOT want to see any of the possibilities visually, in front of her eyes.

I expect many will feel that way, many will watch and wonder what "they" are keeping from them.

I hope.

-- mushroom (mushroom_bs_too_long@yahoo.com), November 21, 1999.

Yeah, watching it now. I knew all along the ending would be corny and canned. ONE guy saves the whole world (or US), ---yeah, RIGHT!

BUT, the movie did do a good job of presenting what may be potential problems to face in about, oh, say 40 days or so.

-- preparing (preparing@home.com), November 21, 1999.

The problem, among many, one being the uncensored/ sensational (eg., Chernobyl) media reports, is that the story focuses on just one 'hot' problem area (which makes it relate-able, real). This is the perception problem. 'Hot' needs will arise near-simultaneously across the nation, indeed the world...

-- faith (y2kaos@home.com), November 21, 1999.

Well I wouldn't give the movie 2 snaps and a bag of chips...but at least it wasn't polly.

-- Mabel Dodge (cynical@me.net), November 21, 1999.

My mistake, star is not using hammer but explosions to save the plant. 1 minute to meltdown and the explosion opens water vlave. Nuke plant is ok and everyone is happy. Star rushes to find wife and kids. Happy reunion. Newsroom in Los Angelos goes dark as news caster tries to interview the Hero . Last sentence of show, "I think something is wrong in La" The End

Movie started out very good but slowly lost credibility, after all, this couldn't really happen and it is only a movie.

Will the store shelves be empty tomorrow. I don't think so. Will we see panic in the next few days. Not after watching this flick.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 21, 1999.

Most memorable quote, from the president's pr man, "There are no if's with the President." Ok, I'll buy that . He doen't know what is means and doesn't know what an If is.

-- Nikoli Krushev (doomsday@y2000.com), November 21, 1999.

Absolutely the cheesy-est dumb movie I've watched in a long time. What was all the fuss from gov. and advertisers about?

JQP was probably smarter than the rest of us and didn't bother watching this dumb movie. Definitely no panic tomorrow. Which is good for those of us who have loose ends to tie up in preps.

-- Chris (#$%^&@pond.com), November 21, 1999.

"There are no if's with the President."

That WAS a classic. As if the iPOITUS would not know all the y2k risks and details at the last minute. What an insult.

Clinton is wringing his hands in anticipation.

-- faith (y2kaos@home.com), November 21, 1999.

Local news came on after the show, they showed a group of about 20 telephone operators on board to answer any questions the public might have.....they said the phones were ringing off the hook and they gave the standard Fema/Red Cross recommendations. I think I might stop off at the local Big Bear /Kroger in the a.m. and see if the parking lots are more busy than usual...something tells me that this show, as bad as it was, will move some people.

-- Want Cold Weather (TooWarm@theEdgeOfColumbus.com), November 21, 1999.

Hahaha, I love this forum. With a half hour to go before the movie begins here in PST, I already know how it ends! It has been interesting to read from you how the different stations are managing the disclaimers or, in some cases, lack of them. Don't know if my local affiliate has planned for disclaimers or after-broadcast follow-up.

I am listening to Matt Drudge right now, and he's saying that he's getting constant e-mails from listeners telling him that there's a nuclear emergency in Seattle! People are stranger than we might imagine, so it's hard to guess how this show will impact the general public. Anyway, thanks for the play-by-play!

-- (RUOK@yesiam.com), November 21, 1999.

If the supermarkets are crammed full of shoppers tomorrow, it will be because of Thanksgiving, not Y2K. Any food fights may be over who gets the last turkey....

-- Psycotic (y2k@doom&gloom.com), November 22, 1999.

It reminded me of "Westworld" (Where Nothing Can Go Worng). But all in all, not altogether bad for a TV movie. NBC disclaimer at the very beginning, nothing else. Nothing on the news at eleven (WCYB, Bristol VA/TN). Little cameo by Jay Leno. Love will find a way. Happy ending (what did you expect? everybody DIES?). I think I'll wander down to the local Quik-E-Mart tomorrow morning and see if they've been cleaned out of donuts yet.

-- I'm Here, I'm There (I'm Everywhere@so.beware), November 22, 1999.

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