Burning Mpeg-2 video content to CD-R?

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I want to capture through music videos (from a satellite dish) through an s-video input in mpeg-1 format, then burn them to a CD-R for playback on a home DVD/VCD player.

I would also like to capture in mpeg-2 format, and burn them to a CD-R for playback in a home DVD/VCD player. I have read in a DVD FAQ that it is possible to do this however... "The disc must be formatted with the UDF file system in accordance with the DVD-Video spec." What authoring software will allow me to give a CD-R a UDF file system? I understand that very few home DVD/VCD players will be able to read the mpeg-2 from a CD-R. Which ones will?

I have not upgraded my machine, but will be doing this in the next week or two.

I will be using:

PIII 500 150mb RAM Plextor PlexWriter 4/12 CD-Recorder Plextor UltraPlex CD-ROM UDMA hard drive or SCSI hard drive (probably SCSI because the people at Pinnacle tell me although UDMA is fast, it does not smoothly stream video like SCSI does)

I am thinking of buying either the ATI All-In-Wonder 128 with 32MB RAM for a video capture card (it uses Ligos' GoMotion on board), or the Pinnacle DV500 capture device which will work with my present video card (Intel i740). Both of the ATI and the Pinnacle are capable of capturing both mpeg-1 & 2.

Thanks very much,

Ed edward@pennygrader.com

-- Ed Lauzon (edward@pennygrader.com), November 21, 1999


For capture you can use a cheap capture card (VCD is 352 x 240 for NTSC and 352 x 288 for PAL). The ULEAD editing software VideoStudio 3.0 (less then $100) is able to create MPEG-1 files. Easy CD Creator Deluxe Edition v3.5 is able to produce VCD from it. The quality of VCD is lesser then DVD. I am using now LIGO version 3 to produce both MPEG-1 and 2 files. I tried to increase the resolution in MPEG-1 files to 720 x 480 and produce VCD (Easy C do not exept but with some trucks it works) only my player is not playing it (Sony DVP-S7000). I am very intresting in how to create VCD with a DVD format that is accepted by the DVD player. Please inform me if you know how to do it.


-- Ab Mantel (mantel_a@combuserve.com), November 25, 1999.

read the 12-step "how to make a miniDVD" at: http://tech-dvd.itgo.com/12steprev.htm

Regards Johan

-- johan (johanhh@yhaoo.com), January 19, 2000.

I've got to admit that i'm clueless about cd-r... but is it possible to make videos that play on a regular dvd player.. i have a website selling cdr videos but the'll only work with windows media.. anyone that teaches me how to do this i'll mail you a free cd-r copy of any video of your choice from my website..thanks

-- NoneOfYourDamnBusiness (Polly_78516@yahoo.com), May 07, 2001.

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