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From Gary North's site:

Inexpensive Software Allows You to Download Entire Web Sites, Including the Pages They Link To. <===!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from Gary North:

A friend of mine sent me a CD-ROM last week. I popped it into my CD-ROM tray and closed it. One minute later, my entire Web site as of the day before appeared on my screen. It looked just like my site. The internal links work. The external links work if I'm connected to the Web. It is lightning fast. It's perfect.

I am told that you can set the program to download the pages that the external links connect to. This is copyrighted material, but it's legal for personal use.

This means that you could make a copy of my Web site, or any Web site, and keep it in your computer or on a CD-ROM disk. New computers come with a CD-ROM maker. The disks cost 60 cents at Sam's Club.

Do you think that some crucial site in your life will go down next year? Copy it. Several survival sites should be on your disk. For sake of the historical record, I wish hundreds of you would copy my site and the documents it links to. Y2K reporting is mainly Web-based. It would be cost-prohibitive for even a team of professional researchers to recreate my site. Without the Web, it would be impossible. Paper-based archives are not indexed well, and no library has all of the journals.

If you want to keep your favorite parts of the Web, buy this program.


I have purchased this software. It costs $39.95 and worth thousands of $$$$$$$. I have NO interest in this software except for it's value to you the readers of this forum.

This software will enable you to utilize everything on the web, that you have copied, if the Internet goes down.

Good Faith, (not luck) and God Bless.....

-- Vernon Hale (, November 21, 1999


Someone please make a link to this site...


-- Vernon Hale (, November 21, 1999.

Site cachers, offline webviewers and rippers are pretty common.

Go to this site for a good selection of them:

-- hamster (, November 21, 1999.


But do the internal links work?

The external links work as if I'm connected to the Web. It is lightning fast. It's perfect.

If one can get comparable software free, great! If the software works, so much the better.

This one works and I have never seen software that works this well.

-- Vernon Hale (, November 21, 1999.

Heck go to the site I listed and check them ALL out. Dozens available, couple are free. Most are demo/shareware.

-- hamster (, November 21, 1999.

If you use Linux, you normally get a little utility with it called 'wget'. Does the same thing. It's free.

-- a programmer (, November 21, 1999.


I have a browser on my mac that does the same thing for free. It is called iCab and is very cool, recommened for the mac users.

-- Brian (, November 21, 1999.

a programmer,

Thanks for the note about 'wget'...I'm about to take the BIG STEP and go to a full dual boot operation with you know if Linux is Y2K compliant??

-- K. Stevens (kstevens@ It's ALL going away in, November 21, 1999.

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