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Today's the day--I officially call a halt!!(sort of)---went out the door on a last minute run to Costco and left the water running in the sink---you can just imagine what this blasted house looks like now---of course, I could say it was the cord of wood I moved and stacked befor---or the threat of rain and my schedule being too full---well---its because I am old and FORGETFUL---geeeeez!!!---Today I also forgot to stop and enjoy the absolute nuttiness of this whole project! Well, I am now--what a hoot---basement floating--wet wood smell---thank god everything I own is in plastic buckets! Not to panic---I have hours befor I will need to sleep. Now I'm off to the local general store to get a mop bucket--twisting towels is not my cupatea.

-- catherine plamondon (, November 21, 1999


A good wet/dry vac will work great and they aren't very expensive. Of course everyone should have a wringer mop bucket anyway. Just think, everytime you use that mop bucket you will remember this great time.

-- Carol (, November 21, 1999.

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