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2 pounds dried apricots 1.75 L. vodka 4 cups sugar

Put all the ingredients in a jar and seal tightly. Put in a quiet place and forget about it for a while (about 3 months). Strain the apricots from the booze, and drink (The apricots are great dipped into chocolate!!!!


1.5 cups packed brown sugar 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup instant coffee powder 3 cups vodka (for Kahlua) or rum (for Tia Maria) 1/2 vanilla bean split, or 2 tbsp pure vanilla extract 3 cups vodka

Combine sugars with 2 cups of water, boil 5 minutes. Gradually add coffee, using wire wisk until blended. Cool. Pour into tall bottle, add vodka and vanilla. Cover and let stand for at least two weeks. Remove vanilla bean (if used). Makes about 40 ounces.


1 part honey (NO SUBSTITUTES) 2 parts heavy cream 3 parts Irish Whiskey 1/2 tsp instant coffe per 3 cups of above mix

Shake and store in the refrigerator. Shake every day or so, and before serving. Can be consumed in the first week but is much better the second week.


.25 tsp of dried rosemary 3 cups scotch (real Drambuie is made with Chivas, but scotch will do) 1 cup honey (NO SUBSTITUTE)

Crush or chop rosemary, add to scotch, and let stand overnight (or two). Strain, add the honey, shake well. Let this set for two-three weeks and then decant in bottles. Age for as long as possible in a quiet place. If necessary, can be drank within a week..........

-- suzy (, November 20, 1999


bless you suzy. the LORD does provide. i printed your invaluable recipes. my last purchase is going to be booze to buy off those foreign soldiers when they come to force me from my home or confiscate my goods. :-)

-- tt (, November 21, 1999.

Very cool. Now we can be sipping Kahlua during TEOTWAWKI .....

-- BigDog (, November 21, 1999.

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