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Contract for Grade Proposal -Jill Herzig

Fall 1999-2000

1. Crisis Management Plan for St. Thomas School - this is a plan I am developing along with Beth Cramer to deal with tragedies that may happen within our school community. At this time, I am not sure if this will be a year- long project or not. I am editing with my pastor and it is growing into a larger project. - Mary Ann has given her approval. 2. Responsive Classroom Workshop - I attended this summer and will write a paper on it.

Spring 2000

(Continuation of Crisis Management Plan)

2. Grant for St. Thomas School to raise monies for a new community based playground structure. Also may be year-long??

-- Anonymous, November 20, 1999


Hi Jill, I believe it is alwyas more productive to work in pairs, so this will be a good project for both of you and for the school. Also, grant writing is certainly needed for playground equipment. One of our non-publics in Duluth wrote a grant for that very thing asking the Northland Foundation here in Duluth for their support. If you can show community colloboration, thAt helps! The did receive either $5 or $10,000 - I cannot remember. It's worth a try. Good Luck! Happy Holidays! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 16, 1999

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