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Serbia -- so sorry about the bombing but I know it had to be done for everyone's good, even though you now have an even bigger mess.

Greece -- so sorry about the rioting and destruction but I know it was important to make my visit there, even though nothing but destruction came out of the trip.

Y2K -- so sorry about not forewarning you Americans to be prepared but I know had your best interests in my heart, even though ---------?????

-- claurann (, November 20, 1999


Saturday November 20 1:13 PM ET

Clinton Plane in Security Alert But Lands Safely

PISA, Italy (Reuters) - A security alert was sounded 10 minutes into President Clinton's flight to Italy from Greece on Saturday, a White House spokesman said, but Air Force One later landed in the Tuscan city of Pisa safely.

Reporters and passengers on board were asked by Secret Service officials to identify their hand luggage shortly after the plane left Greece, where Clinton's 22-hour visit was marked by violent anti-American protests. ``You can assume from this exercise that there was a threat,'' White House Spokesman Joe Lockhart said.

Lockhart gave no further details.

Clinton's visit to Greece, already cut short by fear of protests, was overshadowed by demonstrations against NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia.

Leftists, portraying him as the ``Butcher of the Balkans,'' filed through Athens as Clinton arrived and police fired barrages of tear gas to stop a march to the U.S. embassy.

Some 86 shops and 13 banks were scorched or heavily damaged, dozens of cars smashed, at least 16 people injured, 41 arrested and $2.5 million worth of damage inflicted on central Athens.

Clinton was due to meet European center-left leaders in Florence for a weekend of talks on how to push for economic growth with social justice.

-- watch out (terrorists@gearing.up), November 20, 1999.

Klintoon's idea of "social justice" and egalitarianism: An intern under EVERYONE'S desk.

-- profit of doom (, November 20, 1999.

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