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---new radio shack catalog, page 34, 2 meter 12 volt 45 watt transceiver @ 189.99, think sale ends today, regular 249.99. Is this adequate for a little keeping in touch around town with friends? at this price it's almost the same for the little 5-7 watt handheld 2 meters, rather have the built in extra oomph. will pay slightly more for a better quality if you have a recommendation/source. thanks in advance gonnakeeptalkin p.s. no, do not have a license, will deal with that later

-- gonnakeeptalkin (, November 20, 1999


It's certainly adequate for nearby communications, but I'm not convinced that model is the best idea for you.

Check out Ham Radio Outlet , they have hand-helds for under $200 that also scan much of the VHF spectrum.

Personally, I obtained a handheld from ebay for $70 that is in excellent shape.

Bear in mind, that amateur radio requires a license to legally operate.


-- Jollyprez (, November 20, 1999.

Well it is, but I would have chosen what is behind door #5.

-- Monte Hall (let', November 20, 1999.

I bought one, and am happy with it.

-- Steve Heller (, November 20, 1999.

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