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A few months ago there were quite a few posters who stated that they were going to quit smoking before y2k. I am worried that many smokers will not be able to handle the cold turkey method especially if they don't want to quit. If you have a smoker in the family have you thought about stocking the Nicorette gum and Nicoderm CQ just in case the smoker cannot handle the withdrawal symptoms?

-- Carol (, November 19, 1999


Too expensive. If we want to keep them around, we'll tie them to a tree until the addiction is over. :)

-- helen (, November 20, 1999.


you might think of tobbaco in bulk, good barter item and it's cheap by the pound....... :-)

-- CT (ct@no.yr), November 20, 1999.

Carol, this may sound crazy, but I found something years ago that will stop a person from smoking. I started in mechanics at an early age, and also smoking. I found that after replacing brake shoes, or a chutch plate on the older cars, I then noticed that cigarettes would have a sweet, and sickly taste. I didn't know what caused it untill I had a tooth filled, and it happened again. Well after a little investigating I found the cause. It was metal nitrates(sp?), In the clutch plates it was brass, and with the denist it was silver, used in the fillings. If there is a backyard chemical researcher in this forum, then maybe they could check it out. I asked a doctor at Duke Univ. years back about it, and he said that the substances were not toxic in minute amounts. He also said that the Gov., and big tobacco corps. wouldn't allow this to happen. This was because of three reasons, 1: The huge tax revenue would be at risk, 2: The income of large tobacco, and millions of others would be gone overnight, And 3: The substance is natural, and therefore can't be patented(no big bucks). The bottom line is GREED, and this greed has made slaves of, and killed more people than all the wars in history. But times have changed and maby someone will research this method, and find a cheap way to help a person stop this nasty habit. Dont try this without consulting with a chemist, or doctor. This is just food for thought, Walter.

-- Walter Bright (, November 20, 1999.

years ago, my dad gave me money to go to one of those stop smoking classes. It didn't work.My fault I guess but I do remember being told to use a certain type of mouthwash,it made the cig taste awful, similar to what you've decribed. I think it was Lavoris RED,has to be red. That was 18 years ago, is there such thing as Lavoris, now not sure. I am so glad you posted this Carol. I was just thinking about just this issue ten minutes befor I got on while having my morning smoke! I am going to look for this stuff today.

-- tress (, November 20, 1999.

Tress, thanks for jogging my memory. I remember something like that. I think it was the red mouth wash. Also there are some foods, or a combination of foods that reduce the craving. I sure wish I could stop, for the price of tobacco is outrageous. And another thing, your mind is a lot clearer, and a person is more productive after they stop. there seems to be a connection between smoking and procrastination. I guess thats why its so hard to stop. Like put it of untill tomorrow, eh. If you find out more let me know thanks, Walter.

-- Walter Bright (, November 20, 1999.

Some months ago I brought this up and got "gently flamed". I suggest that anyone who wants to quit, QUIT NOW! One of my motivations to quit (THIS time), is y2k....don't want to go through withdrawals during bad times. So I quit 10 months ago (maybe MY best prep)! I used the antidepressant drug,Zoloft, because I get TERRIBLE mood swings when I try to quit - wicked depression and alternating, out of control RAGE. The Zoloft,(meant for manic-depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, etc) kept me on an even keel and able to quit for the first time. I got slightly flamed because one of it's side effects is reduced libido. Anyways, I bring it up again because someone is asking. What it does, more correctly, is cause delayed ejaculation, which is ,itself, not alltogether bad now is it? lol. ok, other side effects are sleep disturbance and GAS, bad gas and dhiarreah(sp?). But they calm down as the system adjusts. I took Zoloft for 6 months til I was sure I could do it, then cut down and got off it. I am now 10 months (on the 21st) smoke free. Zoloft side effects didn't kill me. You get Zoloft by prescription so I don't know if you can stock up on it for loved ones who MIGHT want it later. But you can surely encourage anyone who's THINKING of quitting by having them read this post. I just couldn't quit any other way, I tried it ALL, patch, gum, hypno, etc. It still aint easy , but Zoloft made it doable for me. Hope this helps, glad I finally had something to help others with, y'all have helped me.

-- Bob (, November 20, 1999.

Thanks for the tip Bob, as for the libido part who cares, when you get my age all the girls are after is my money, and my Dog. As for the other side effects, well maybe I can convert my genset to run on natural-natural gas. Thanks again, Walter.

-- Walter Bright (, November 20, 1999.

I used a non-recommended method to quit smoking about 24 years ago. I got pregnant and smoking made me sick.

-- Pearlie Sweetcake (, November 20, 1999.

After 34 years and up to two packs a day, what worked was six weeks on the Nicoderm patch system and the knowledge that some people who sneaked a smoke on the patch suffered fatal heart attacks. After five years of not smoking, the odds of dying from a smoking-connected disease are the same as for nonsmokers. I'm on my sixth year. . .

-- Old Git (, November 20, 1999.

Good for you Old Git!! congrats on 5 years smoke free, you are an inspiration in ALL ways, preps and no smoke! thanks again!

-- Bob (, November 20, 1999.

After 30 years of smoking, (up to 2 1/2 packs a day,) I quit for y2k starting last April. Used the step 1-3 patches for 12 weeks. Did have some days with powerful cravings, but chewed gum or the tip of an empty plastic cigarette filter. Only side effect was weight gain.

Still off to date. Key is when craving comes into your mind, you don't allow it to "set down and stay." Smoking must become a strict non-option. Gotta accept that ya can't smoke just one without going back into habit.

Yes, the patches are expensive, but they are cheaper than an equivalent supply of cigs for same time.

-- marsh (, November 20, 1999.

I should have admitted that I have developed an embarrassing habit of walking up to people banished to the back doors of the malls where they work and snorting their second-hand smoke with great gusto. I have also been known to follow disreputable-looking smokers down the street when the wind has been favorable, nose in air, highly satisfied grin on face. Other than that, no problems.

-- Incorrigible Old Git (, November 20, 1999.

This is only day eight of not smoking so I cannot claim total victory, however I smoked for over 30 years and was able to give it up a week ago with the help of a drug called ZYBAN. I had tried to quit cold turkey and with the patch but had failed. If you are thinking of quitting, but have not because you failed in the past give ZYBAN a try.

Best of luck to all you former and soon to be former smokers. Mike 9.5

-- Mike 9.5 (, November 21, 1999.

another non-recommended means of quitting:

i had an extremely accelerated case of strep throat and after that, smoking is the farthes thing from my mind

-- thekid (, November 26, 1999.

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