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Hi Folks: I would like to know in the worst way on how in the world to install a decorder in a Spectrun F40PH Loco. There was one that I read on the internet but it didn't have a enough detail information for me to get a good handle. I saw the information on one of the links from the Digitax home page I think. Anayway, I'm throwing the question out to the DCC world. I nned to know the type of decorder/s to buy and a more detailed instructions(I hope)on how to install that bad boy!

-- Lawrence Hannahan (, November 19, 1999


I have asked that same similiar question on the Bachmann Industries message board. For the answer go to Messag e Board and look for the subject called DCC/F40PH and there's your answer.

-- Mark Fischer (, June 21, 2001.

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