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-- Linkmeister (, November 19, 1999


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Y2K Could Effect DHHS - (RALEIGH) -- The Y-2-K bug could bring more bad news to North Carolina families relying on child support checks. State Auditor Ralph Campbell says the state Department of Health and Human Services may be hit by the computer problem. He says the state's computer systems are 97-percent ready, but nine programs providing services to citizens are not. Senator Daniel Clodfelter says four of those are Health and Human Services programs.


-- Linkmeister (, November 19, 1999.

Yeah, North Carolina's in deep doo-doo over this one...RIGHT.

We just got through Hurricane Floyd and the flood following, one of the worst things to hit this country in its history, and THE worst thing EVER to hit NC by FAR; but nine questionable services programs are going to take us down. UH-HUH. When 97% of the state's computer systems are ready.

Linkmeister, would you accept a clue if I GAVE you one? Don't even have to buy it.

It's one thing to be able to find and post stories. It's quite another to have a clue as to what they imply, in the big scheme of things. In posting this story, you show very clearly that you have not an inkling of what goes on, or has gone on lately, in North Carolina. Compared to what we've just been through, minor difficulties caused by HHS program Y2k glitches will approach insignificance.

-- Chicken Little (, November 19, 1999.

Sir Chicken - perhaps you failed to realize that (if like other recent failures in child payments, etc. that have been disrupted (stopped) by program failures) any given failure may/or may not be serious:

However, the specific implecation here is that the program itself will fail - thus the job the program was intended to do will fail. Wha twill happen?

Don't know - they very specifically DID NOT for some reason identify what the program were. If financial, then the answer is NO, the money won't get issued. Manual workarounds are not an option at the state level.

-- Robert A. Cook, PE (Marietta, GA) (, November 20, 1999.

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