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first of all I just want to thank all of you,Old Git,Carol,Chuck,Stan and glad to see a post recently from Mumsie. Of course all the rest of you too.Really,truley I would be lost without all your help.Now the question is someone said something about after you freez flour, which I did in freezer bags and then you take it out to store in plastic buckets that you need to worry about the condensation causing some kind of bacteria or mold. Does any one have info on this? now I'm scared to use it. Like I need ONE MORE thing to worry about!thanks alot.Tress

-- tress (, November 19, 1999



I don't know all the particulars about how you froze then packed the flour in plastic buckets, but the general idea is to avoid any condensation the flour may attract when it is brought back to room temperature. The correct procedure would be to put the flour into AIR-TIGHT plastic bags with as little air in them as possible (not necessarily vacuum packed, but excess air 'burped' out of the bag before sealing it), put them into the freezer (I left mine in for nearly two weeks before I got around to taking them out), remove from freezer after 72 hours (some say more, some less), and then let them set out long enough to come up to room temperature BEFORE putting them in the plastic buckets.

If you have doubts, just open one of your buckets and check the flour. Any mold or mildew will be readily apparent. Any condensation would have to have reached the flour to affect it.


-- Gerald R. Cox (, November 19, 1999.

i let all my food "dry" for a few days to get rid of any moisture from the freezer before i put it away.

-- tt (, November 20, 1999.

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