OO and Structured Methodologies

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I would be glad if I can get a reply from the respected Mr.Yourdon on this.

I am a software engineer with about a decade of experience. I have used both structured as well as OO techniques in several projects. While OO certainly has certain advantages over the structured approach, it particularly misses out crucial ideas like modeling the flow of data in an organisation, something that is so nicely done with a dataflow diagram (or a process diagram in Designer/2000). OO proponents like Booch suggest alternatives like sequence diagrams. I have used sequence diagrams but they are particularly low-level in abstraction. They can model a low-level process fine, but definitely cannot bring out the high-level transformations and flows of data. So I use both class diagrams as well as dataflow diagrams in projects. I would be glad if I can get the opinion of Mr.Yourdon on this.

-- Parthasarathy Srinivasan, Chennai, India (psrinivasan99@yahoo.com), November 19, 1999

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