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TR This came from a notice on Hyatt's site in the failure section of the forum: I work at and attend a smallish graduate institution. A friend at work informed me that his section has had several meetings about the rollover, because of a letter that the utility company sent them. In the letter, sent only to institutions due to legal liability for those who provide housing to students, patients, etc., the company stated that "while we expect no transition problems during the year 2000 rollover, should your power be interrupted, it could be up to THREE MONTHS before it is restored."

Now, I don't know about you all, but three months and "no problem" are on opposite ends of the scale. Question: Has anyone out there seen or heard of anything similar? We have the potential to have 100 people here in the dorms and in married housing during that time, and the institution that I work for, and take graduate classes from (hence I too am in married student housing) has NO GENERATOR and NO BACK UP PLAN, save buying some flashlights and water. I have investigated it further, but no one is talking, and the only people who seem to be in the know, and thus are preparing, are the folks from the office that received the letter from the utility company. I better not list it here, because of legal liability, so that tells you right there how serious we think it is---companies pursue hardest those who tell the truth. Please respond if you have heard anything similar. There has got to be folks out there who work for hospitals, universities, etc., who might have received similar letters. Thanks and God Bless!

-- Susan Barrett (, November 18, 1999


Susan--I'm a bit confused was it YOUR grad school institution that recieved the letter, as implied closer to the end, or was it someone unknown posting that in Hyatt's failures section, or both? If in your own institution, have you personally laid eyes on such a notice, perhaps via an aquaintance in the office? I'd sure like verification on that notice. All we seem to get here is the glib "we're ready, no problem" spiel from the BPA and members (Pacific Northwest). However, rumor has it that our hospital has been so notified. If so, then either they or other branches of our local county gov't. will say nothing about it in public.

-- Ben Corson (, November 18, 1999.

---ya, let's see the actual notice. get it scanned in, then stick it up on the web at geocities or something for all to peruse. Not doubting, just want some sort of "official"document to wave in dgi's faces.

-- zog (, November 18, 1999.



-- lou (, November 19, 1999.

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