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---old junker vans may be purchased,all they have to make it is from used van lot to home, that's it. the kind that have no side windows. real gas tanks from the junkyard may be purchased, the kind that have a filler cap and are legally vented.from any vehicle.make sure these tanks don't leak.they are CHEAP to purchase. put tanks securely in back of van.put fuel in tanks.park old van in driveway.van has zero windows, and floor to ceiling metal,screen, plywood, whathaveyou behind two front seats. no can see in van. neighbors see old work van in driveway.roof of van is nice place to store ladders, too, nice finishing touch..

-- keepyourfuelstuff (, November 18, 1999


There is an old fire truck coming up at auction next week...I was considering using it for water storage...the minimum bid is only $1.

-- Mad Monk (, November 18, 1999.

If you have access to water without power, you could deliver water and charge for the delivery service. We have unlimited water via a hand pump, but they gotta pump and pack their own. I am not doing it and I am not even loaning them my wheel barrow. Those kinds of problems they can solve themselves. We have done our bit with drilling the well (150 feet) and paying $750 for the double action hand pump for a deep well. The rest is up to those who need the water.


-- Taz (, November 18, 1999.

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