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If you have friends or relatives who are not preparing, please take a look at a handout I created for apartment residents and seniors.

-- Sally Strackbein (, November 18, 1999


God Bless you Sally, reeeeal good!

Respectfully; Michael

-- Michael (, November 18, 1999.

Sally, this is great - and brief enough not to be overwhelming to those who need it the most.

My 80 year old mother lives in an apt. in Las Vegas. Between my sis and I, we've supplied her pretty well with most of the food and all of the other items (Care packages) and she can fill in at her grocery store. She was pleased as punch with the 5 gall.collapsible water bottle I sent & promised to fill it. She'd never seen a sterno stove "thingy" and liked that, too.

I'll send her a printout of this so she can see what else she might need and feel good about how much she has. I'm over 1000 miles away & pray it will be enough.

-- Scat (, November 18, 1999.

Perfect Sally!

Busy putting together lists for 3 suburban new preppers.



-- Diane J. Squire (, November 18, 1999.

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