FT-1 shutter syncronization w/ X-24 flash

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I just bought an FT-1 and a X-24 flash to go with it. Two flash pictures that I shot in the "land-scape mode" had the top third of the picture missing (black). These two picture were both shot at the same time in a dark room using the X-24 flash. I read in the FT-1 manual that the X-24 forces the camera to 1/100 th and that I did not have to worry about having the shutter set to high. Is this correct? Is it possable that this missing top third of the picture points to another problem like a sticking mirror. The problem has never presented its self except on those two flash shots and I have shot a couple of hundered frames. I mistkingly always had the on/off switch in the "AE.L" position. Could that have caused this problem with the flash?

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1999

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