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Thousands of dollars shoot out of ATM machine

Thursday, November 18, 1999 (Fridley) - Keith Obraske said he felt like he'd won the lottery when an automatic teller machine went wild. The machine in Fridley, a Minneapolis suburb, popped out $5,580 in $20 bills yesterday when Obraske stopped to get just enough money for pop and cigarettes.

Obraske, a ceiling sprayer, said he briefly considered keeping the money, but mostly contemplated the consequences of getting caught.

He already knew he'd return the money when he arrived at work five minutes later and shared his story with co-workers.

His uncle and coworker, Jim Obraske, took the money to a TCF National Bank branch. He got a thank-you and two sports bags for his nephew's honesty.

Express Teller, a division of TCF Financial Corporation, is working with the private group that owns the machine to find a more substantial reward.

Dan Engel, a TCF Financial official, said Obraske did the right thing. He estimated it would have taken a few hours to track down the beneficiary of the machine's mistake.

Maybey I will use an ATM on New Years. LOL

-- CygnusXI (, November 18, 1999

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