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Dear Fellow survivalist-wacko-hoarding-looney friends (ie. those who care about their families and communities during this y2k roller-coaster and who have been lambasted by govt-sponsored propaganda for so caring):

Guess we all have felt a bit mad during this wild and crazy y2k ride. Here's some of my madness...And despite the slanderous assertions of denialists, I know most of the people who are concerned about y2k failures really do hope we end up soon to consider ourselves mad for considering the risks of y2k and acting accordingly.....

anyone wanting to send along some of your madness to me, go ahead. I'll compile it. Sorry to those who may think this is "off-track." Chalk it up to y2kmania. Certainly must be a chemical imbalance in our brains to make us concerned about the safety of chemical plants on our neighborhoods, right? Surprised the psychiatric community hasn't come up with Prozac 2000 or something....

Many people who discovered new frontiers were considered to be going off the edge by their critics.

History has a way of turning some madness into genius.

"We" are at the mercy of fools and experts. The trouble is, we don't know who the fools or who the experts were until the future, and that can often be too late.

Hindsight has a way of turning fools into wise men: trouble is, we don't usually know ahead of time who is who?

Some food for thought: Thought is not food. (Got beans?)

If you really want to get a life you're gonna have to die.

God deserves a standing ovation, so we must rise to our knees!

Some people who spout on about FEAR (False evidence appearing real) need a kick in the REAR (Real evidence actually real), but I am afraid that in our fear of it, we have forgotten the benefits of fear.

The end of the world as we know it is nothing to fear if we know where we are going in the next world....

Everyone faces the end of the world as they know it at least once in their lives: at death.

What is wrong with yelling fire in a crowded theater that has a fire?

It gets lonely following the crowd all the time....

Jesus Christ: the only one who can make us compliant for Heaven.

Shalom, digitalimbalinceinmybrain

-- concerned (looniebin@digitalimbalance.compost), November 18, 1999


You realize, of course, that you can never be ready. This is like your first baby. We've all bought the crib. Some of us have a changing table and a baby swing too. Some of us even have a baby monitor and a years worth of diapers. But are we ready to lose control of our lives for the next year or more? To not know when we will get to sleep or eat? We don't even know what kind of a baby we are going to get, will it be an easy baby or will it drive us up a wall?

You may be prepared but you aren't ready, believe me.

-- Amy Leone (, November 18, 1999.

I think I posted to the wrong thread, but this seems to be a thread about anything so I guess it doesn't matter.

-- Amy Leone (, November 18, 1999.

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