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Can anyone provide a starting time for Rollo Pyro development of T-Max 100 (EI-80) 4x5 in a Jobo 3006 at 70F?

I have used PMK Pyro with this emulsion (EI-80 N)at 12 min 70F with excellent results. I believe the Rollo Pyro times are somewhat shorter.

-- Mike Kravit (, November 18, 1999


Ok, so no one had an answer for me. I went ahead and tested T-Max 100 in Rollo Pyro 20C in a Jobo Expert Drum. The results indicated a film EI of 80 with a development time of 8 minutes.

If anyone is inteested, I have posted development times for PMK Pyro as well as Rollo Pyro on my web page. Some I tested, others have borrowed from other sources.

-- Mike Kravit (, November 26, 1999.

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