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Hi, I am writing an assignment on the Y2K Problem and would r

-- Collette O'Leary (, November 18, 1999


...eally like to figure out how this bulletin board works.

-- Roland (, November 18, 1999.

The first link may be all you need. If you want to dig deeper check out some of the others.

A Y2K Handout You Can Use With Your Neighbors (Roleigh Martin)

Center for Strategic and International Studies, June 2, 1998

Embedded Systems and the Year 2000 Problem

Year 2000: who will do what and when will they do it? (Douglass Carmichael)

Collection of several links

A Call to Action: National and Global Implications of the Year 2000 and Embedded Systems Crisis: Executive Summary (Paula Gordon)

U. S. Senate Hearing on International Preparedness, October 13, 1999

Naval War College: Year 2000 International Security Dimension Project Summary

Statement by Karla W. Corcoran, Inspector General, United States Postal Service, February 23, 1999

U. S. Senate: Investigating the Year 2000 Problem: 100 day report This is an HTML Index to all sections of the report; Acrobat Reader required to access the report itself. Acrobat Reader is available from this page as a free download.

-- Tom Carey (, November 18, 1999.

...eally like to know why my computer didn't break when I just changed the time to 11:59 31/12/99. ;)

A warm welcome to the forum, Collette. Please try again.

-- Colin MacDonald (, November 18, 1999.

BEWARE COLLETTE!!!!!! you know the old saying...."beware of those who meet you at the train station first!!!" ...they think you are fresh meat! they are being nice to start with but there are alot of loonies on this board. don't let em get to you. don't reveal your vulnerabilities. :-)

-- tt (, November 18, 1999.

Welcome Colette,

(Chuckles... Tom Carey... didn't know you were psychic! Good job!)


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 18, 1999.

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