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I am new to the photo printing world, and ran across a web site offering mordancage chemistry kits. has anyone here experimented w/ this process? and what types of chemicals are used (as well as prices)? i plan to utilize this process soon (for it's seemingly VERY interesting results), but am not sure how much i should purchase chemistry for. (for price comparisons i will add the url here: http// thanks.

j. allister

-- j. allister (, November 17, 1999


hello, i was wondering what website you found the kits for sale. if you could please email me i would be very grateful. thanks molly

-- Molly Magnuson (, October 09, 2001.

the mordancage process seems to be gaurded carefully by the students of it creator.

-- (, November 02, 2001.

Do not know about the kits. I get copper chloride and glacial acetic acid from Tri-ess Sciences (they have a web site) because they are reliable and have the best prices. The third element - 40 Volume Hydrogen peroxide - can be found at a local beauty supply store. Get the clear, not the 'cream rinse' kind. It's cheap, less than $5/qt. One lb. of copper chloride will last a lifetime - come to think of it, it will last much longer than a lifetime because the whole mixture is a bit toxic.

The porportions to make one liter of mordancage bleach : 10 grams of copper chloride, 25ml of hydrogen peroxide( I use about 40ml) and 50ml of glacial acetic acid. I lasts about one hour in the tray.

-- Mike (, November 27, 2001.

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