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What internet resources have you found for advice on lith printing and places to purchase lith developers?

-- jeanne elliott (, November 17, 1999


None so far, but I didn't look seriously yet. I got a very good book, actually THE book on lith printing, namely:

Tim Rudman, The Master Photographer's Lith Printing Course - A definitive guide to creative lith printing

To my knowledge, this is so far the only comprehensive work on lith printing, and it's certainly worth buying (some 22 bucks, I seem to remember). It describes suitable materials, the basic procedure, its control for better consistency, gives inspiration for creative experimentation and much much more. (I am really fond of this book!) If you tell me what continent you live on, I'll see if there is some information on where to purchase the materials.

-- Thomas Wollstein (, November 22, 1999.

you can purchase lith developers at just about any pro camera store. . . i use naccolith, it works just fine and i see it everywhere. the best (only) dedicated lith paper is made by sterling and is called, cleverly enough, "sterling lith paper". as far as i know, one of the (very) few places to get it is from freestyle photo in l.a. and they'll ship it anywhere.


-- max gerber (, November 24, 1999.

They have both the chemicals, the papers & the books. There are also some pages from Tim Rudmans book, mentioned by Thomas above.

-- Peter Olsson (, January 21, 2000.

excellent papers for lith printing are,kentmere art classic for those who dont know it,its a heavy 240gsm weight ivory tinted base,chlorobromide fiber base available in one grade only,about grade 2,made in northern england. another paper worth trying is,maco expo wa, with a dead matt surface,chlorobromide fiber base,about 180gsm weight comes in different grades,made in germany. give exposures in the enlarger for 8 minutes 12"/16"size, 12 minutes for 16"/20" the only problem with this,it wrecks your enlarger light bulbs!! WWW.FOTOARTE.NET

-- sean anderson (, October 05, 2000.

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