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Doused With Y2K Bug Repellent City officials have taken all the precautions that they can think of.

By ANA CHOLO-TIPTON, Special to The Times

After six months of setting up committees, writing detailed reports, testing equipment and analyzing emergency procedures, city staff members have learned an important lesson: There are no guarantees. When it came to dealing with potential computer failure generated by the infamous Y2K bug, Buena Park did not leave a stone unturned, yet city officials say there is always the chance that something could go wrong. "We're confident that our systems will work, we're being told by service providers that their systems will work but we won't know until the time arrives," said Buena Park Police Chief Richard M. Tefank. Southern California Edison reports that 80% of its critical systems are Y2K-compliant, Tefank said, but it expects to be totally compliant by year's end. The city is not responsible for electricity, gas or phone service but provides sewer service and 70% of the water that is pumped. Tefank said the worst-case scenario would be for a power outage to occur in the city, although there is a 35-year-old backup generator that would be able to power most of the Police Department. The generator demonstrated it still has what it takes when it was spurred to action several weeks ago after an earthquake. Despite it's age, "It's like having a 1964 car with 3,000 miles on it," Tefank said. He added they will test the generator again for a 48-hour period before Dec. 31. Traffic signals are another concern because they are powered by electricity, not batteries, said Doug Brodowski, administrative analyst for the city's public works department. If there is a power outage, some of the major intersections will be set up with portable stop signs, but most will be left unattended, he said. Caltrans is responsible for all intersections along Beach Boulevard. Brodowski warns motorists that beginning at dusk, traffic lights should be approached with caution in case of a sudden power outage. A bright yellow flag will help identify five emergency communications sites for residents who, for whatever reason, are having problems reaching city or police services. Those locations are Beatty Elementary School, Brenner Park, Whitaker Elementary School, the Recreation Center at William Peak Park and Larwin Park. Brodowski said that despite all the precautions the city is undertaking, it is a good idea to prepare for Y2K as if preparing for an earthquake. It would be prudent, he said, to keep bottled water, canned food and other essentials handy. * * * Ana Cholo-Tipton can be reached at (714) 966-5890

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