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Hi, how is it to put up a tent on mont blanc,regular route? We are heading for the 4807-summit this summer, and we've heard that the huts on the regular route is VERY crowded this time of year. Looking forward to your answer. Best Regards, Tord Magnusson, Sweden

-- Tord Magnusson (tordm@hotmail.com), November 17, 1999


Just bring a light sleeping bag, and a bivy, in case you are not allowed to sleep inside. If not, just crash outside on a nearby dry spot whatever.

-- Paal Longva (pal.longva@econ.uio.no), November 18, 1999.

Loads of people just sleep in the Gouter hut but not in a bed, they just finding a space on the floor, table or benches. You clould put a tent up out side or as mentioned above just use a bivi bag and light wieght sleeping bag you'll probably get a better nights sleep that way! If you do the midi route then you'll be able to put a tent up in the valley blanche if you want loads of people will do this in peak season although it is ilegal the police don't seem to bother you much, if you can find out if they have just been then it is a fairly safe bet that they will not be up again for some time. Doing this route is good as you can that the cable car up with you heavy pack.

-- Sandy Paterson (u03app@abdn.ac.uk), November 18, 1999.

If you like to climb on the regular french route, I wouldn't sleep in any hut on the french side of the mountain. Avoid the Gouter hut! It's the worst route up the mont blanc. I would take one of the following three possebilities: 1. Climb the mountain from the italian side!! The route up from the gonella hut is even more interesting than the regular french route. 2. Sleep in the grands-mulets hut. Although you have a longer aproach to the dome du gouter then from the gouter hut. But its more impressive. (early start(00 to 01) and moon light required because of the huge crevasses. 3. Sleep at the dome du goute with your tent or bivy . There are several good places to sleep. But remember: you are high up the mountain. To approach the dome du goute, the same rules applies( earlystart!!!). Be prepared for storms!!!! beat schwegler switzerland

-- beat schwegler (septumania@hotmail.com), November 25, 1999.

If one choses the route from Aguille de Midi to Mt. Blanc via the shoulders of Mont Tacul and Mont Maudit, the cheapest and possibly most confortable way to spend the half-night prior to the ascent is in the corridor-system of the Aguille de Midi. Take the last evening- lift up from Chamonix and seek for the terrace which function as the exit for the climbing-route acending the Cosmiques-ridge (note the ladder). In the corridor leading out to this terrace officials allow climbers to sleep during night. Sleeping bags and other surplus gear can be left (hidden) and be retrieved on the retourn from Mont Blanc.

-- Gunnar Fermann (gunnar.fermann@svt.ntnu.no), May 17, 2002.

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