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Y2K - Emergency Services To Go Full Alert, Engines Running, At 11 PM Dec. 31

From: Silverbaron (Newsgroup chatter on Y2K) ID#290456

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11-15-99 Snipped from a newsgroup posting: "On Friday Nov. 12 , our emergency services station recieved a mandate from our State Dept. of Health which regulates emergency services. Although I cannot disclose the full contents of this document, it does include the following: At 2300 hours on Dec. 31, all fire and rescue agencys must be fully staffed. At 2330 hours all back up emergency generators must be operatng... buildings which have an electric garage door opener all doors must be open and manually propped in the event of power failure. At 2345 hours all emergency vehicles must be started and left running.... we have been advised to leave the vehicles running until 0015 Jan. 1, at which time we are to cut off and attempt to restart one vehicle... if that vehicle would happen to not to restart, then we are advised to leave all other vehicles running until further notice. The mandate also dictates that the inventory of mass casualtty supplies be increased by 50%...this includes items such as trauma dressings, gauze, cravats, normal saline, IV supplies, backboards, and C collars.. each region in our state has also established a Mass Casuality Command Center The mandate also advises that fuel storage should be topped off to full capacity by no later than Dec. 29... we are also told stock enough food and suppies to feed and house all members of our agencies for a period of 90 days.............. there is more to the document that i cannot disclose. WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON? Are they expecting mass riots or what? Does anyone hae a clue? Let me know....I've been a medic for 10 years now and never have seen the state go to such extremes."

-- alice (, November 17, 1999


You are told to get 90 days of preps. We are told to get 3-7. Is there something wrong with this picture?!!?

-- Tin(foil) Lizzie (par@noia.asylum), November 17, 1999.


Would you happen to know which state this is?

It's interesting to note that if the one vehicle doesn't restart, the others will be left running. What happens when the gas runs out? Can you put in gas with the engine running?

Just wondering...

-- Forum Regular (Here@y2k.comx), November 17, 1999.

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