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Does anyone have that list of cities that the FBI was considering (has decided on?) for martial law? Also, anyone have any thoughts on why the smaller ones were picked? I understand all the biggies were covered, but there are some suburbs of some cities on the list (if I am remembering correctly) that seem the same as other suburbs of the same city and was wondering if anyone figured out any justification....for picking one over another...

living in a suburb right next to a suburb on the list (I think)

-- preparing (, November 16, 1999


Not martial law! If there is a list no one here will find it. See Gary Norths site - or Jim Lords site - Regards cities that will be in bad shape due to public utility breakdowns. NOT Martial Law But.... don't quote me, quote them.

-- maid upname (, November 16, 1999.

Try this location. -------------------------------------------------------

my site:

-- MinnesotaSmith (, November 16, 1999.

Yeah, Preparing. (just saw maid up's reply) I've been sitting here, wanting to reply, but wondering if we might be thinking of two separate things. Cause all I can think of is Jim Lord's post of the Navy/Marine Corps document on his web site, of cities at risk. You might try: and click on Pentagon Papers And Y2K, and then Cities At Risk.

If I remember correctly, the places were chosen, regardless of size, because of the naval bases/facilities there.

And Gary North speculated that both the Army and Air Force no doubt have similar reports - on some sites somewhere - out in plain view of the American public - if we can just Find 'em.

-- doorbaby (, November 16, 1999.

No, I don't think it was related to those things. I think it was in connection to the FBI stuff? Megiddio or whatever?

I know someone remembers that list....meanwhile I will check out those links...

Garland, TX would be on the list....and Garland does NOT have a naval or army base/post of any kind....

-- preparing (, November 16, 1999.

I saved this from many, many months ago. Not sure if it's what you're looking for or not but it does include Garland. I seem to remember something about the FBI and Martial Law but appearantly I didn't save that portion.

I had it formatted neatly. Sorry if it doesn't turn out right.


The ultimate goal of the Domestic Preparedness Team is to train and assess 120 cities. These cities include:

New York, NY Sacramento, CA Lincoln, NE Los Angeles, CA Minneapolis, MN Madison, WI Chicago, IL Tulsa, OK Grand Rapids, MI Houston, TX Honolulu, HI Yonkers,NY Philadelphia, PA Cincinnati, OH Hialeah, FL San Diego,CA Miami, FL Montgomery, AL Detroit, MI Fresno, CA Lubbock, TX Dallas, TX Omaha, NE Greensboro, NC Phoenix, AZ Toledo, OH Dayton, OH San Antonio, TX Buffalo, NY Huntington Beach, CASan Jose, CA Wichita, KS Garland, TX Baltimore, MD Santa Ana, CA Glendale,CA Indianapolis, IN Mesa, AZ Columbus, OH San Francisco, CA Colorado Springs, CO Spokane, WA Jacksonville, FL Tampa, FL Tacoma, WA Columbus, GA Newark, NJ Little Rock, AR Milwaukee, WI St. Paul, MN Bakersfield, CA Memphis,TN Louisville, KY Freemont, CA Washington, D.C. Anaheim, CA Fort Wayne, IN Boston, MA Birmingham, AL Newport News,VA Seattle, WA Arlington, TX Arlington, VA El Paso, TX Norfolk, VA Worchester, MA Cleveland, OH Las Vegas, NV Knoxville, TN New Orleans, LA Corpus Christi, TX Modesto, CANashville, TN St. Petersburg, FL Orlando, FL Denver, CO Rochester, NY San Bernardino, CA Austin, TX Jersey City, NJ Syracuse, NY Fort Worth, TX Riverside, CA Providence, RI Oklahoma City, OK Anchorage, AK Salt Lake City, UT Portland,OR Lexington-Fayette, KY Huntsville, AL Kansas City, MO Akron, OH Amarillo, TX Long Beach, CA Aurora, CO Springfield, MA Tucson, AZ Baton Rouge, LA Irving, TX St. Louis, MO Raleigh, NC Chattanooga, TN Charlotte, NC Stockton, CA Chesapeake, VA Atlanta, GA Richmond, VA Kansas City, KS Virginia Beach, VA Shreveport, LA Metaire, LA Albuquerque,NM Jackson, MS Fort Lauderdale, FL Oakland, CA Mobile, AL Glendale, AZ Pittsburgh, PA Des Moines, IA Warren, MI

-- NokternL (, November 17, 1999.

I find it fascinating that the cities in the Northeast listed on the link provided by Y2KMinnesota only has four locations. Boston, Springfield and Worchester Mass, and Providence RI. Nothing listed for either Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont! Could it be that the PTB think they have nothing to fear from these frigid states? Or is it that the true Nor'easter Yankees who originally settled this country aren't to be messed with? New Hampshire's state motto is after all is "Live Free or Die!"

-- Billy-Boy (, November 17, 1999.

Billy Boy, Re: Maine, New Hampshire, & Vermont not on list.

Another possibility (probability) would be that the responsibility for that area of this (for now) country resides with another militarily aligned command structure.

Have you knowledge of the joint exersizes performed over southeast Canada in the past year or two?

Same outfits did exersizes over South Africa awhile back.

Anyway, maybe you should check out NATO?

-- maid upname (, November 17, 1999.

Noktern: that was the list! Thanks!

-- preparing (, November 17, 1999.

Billy-Boy- that's cause we all got guns up here!!

-- farmer (, November 17, 1999.


Do the prison inmates press the license plates in New Hampshire? If so, I wonder how they feel about "Live Free or Die."

-- Don (, November 17, 1999.

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