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Borrowed this from csy2k

From: B-chan\ Topic: University of Texas, SWBell Begin Generator Installations Message: 1 of 4 Sent: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 22:48:49 -0800 I live in Arlington, Texas, a city located in Tarrant County between Dallas and Fort Worth, in the general vicinity of a large state university. About two weeks ago, a metal-fenced stockade was erected (quite suddenly) in the north parking lot of the University's physical education facility. Within this stockade were placed two large diesel-electric generator sets, with what looks to be pallets and equipment for several more. Also within the fence is a portable building (presumably for security) and space for parking.

Two blocks east of this facility another generator setup has been installed at the switch house of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. This one consists of two large diesel generator sets (with what looks like a third being installed) on a portable trailer rig, wired directly into the building through makeshift connection running through a fire door.

The Southwestern Bell dispatch center across the street from the switching facilty also has had generating equipment installed, in basement spaces ventilated to street level by subsurface louvers. These generators are apparently quite large; a few weeks ago one of them suffered a bearing seizure and exploded with an extremely loud sound that rattled windows for miles and frightened the neighborhood. The fire department was called to extinguish the subsequent fire.

These installations are located in the old downtown area, within a few blocks of City Hall, the main fire and police stations, two courthouses, and a post office.

I will post again as further installations occur.

Bruce "B-chan" Lewis Editor in Chief, Cheap Disposable Entertainment, Inc. "Entertainment by the Pound"

-- Nikoli Krushev (, November 16, 1999


Hey Nik!

Thanks for this. How are things?



-- Michael Taylor (, November 16, 1999.

Hi Mike, doing pretty good. I did go to my doc today for a sinus infection, that was interesting. I asked him if he had any news on the compliance of medicaid medicaire. He gives me blank look, says they are finished aren't they? Pretty much, I replied. I don't think we meant the same thing. Says no problem with his office computers though as he reset the mdy to four digit. What about the software, I asked? He just gave me a blank look. I asked for a double helping of antibiotics and a years supply of my blood pressure medicine. No can do he replied. I think I need a new dr.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, November 16, 1999.

Nikki, ol buddy, I think I'd be looking REAL seriously at those alternative meds for high BP. (Course if we could just speed up the clock and get the dam ball to drop we'd at least get over the stress of *waiting*).

I'll go check out the sites in Arlington personally and report back next week. Used to live with two blocks of all this.


-- Get Beans!

-- Greybear (, November 16, 1999.

...I don't believe you!. Prove it!!!!!! take pictures...and show me!

-- Vern (, November 16, 1999.

Hi Nikoli, I was able to get a three month supply of Covera HS (blood pressure) for a relative in a Mexico pharmacy for about $33.00. (For what it's worth)

-- Mumsie (, November 16, 1999.

Thanks for the concern folks, but I did get six months worth of BP meds out of him. Already have a couple of months worth in the cabinet and my BP isn't that high anyway. I'm really more concerned with having an adequate supply of antibiotics in case of supply line breakdowns coupled with outbreaks of disease or bio warfare....I have some ag meds I have tested on myself, they didn't kill me but they did seem to leave me feeling a little woozy. HI Greybear, great to hear from you. That report sure sounded legit to me but some verification would be outstanding.

-- Nikoli Krushev (, November 16, 1999.

Nikoli, I was able to get an effective six month supply of my blood pressure control medication from a new doctor by claiming that my insurance was about to elapse, and it would cost me dearly if I had to pay out of pocket. He kindly doubled the number of daily tablets that I should take from 1 to 2 (with the understanding that I would only take one), and wrote it for a 90 day supply, thus equalling a six month supply. (In addition, by immediately re-filling as soon as I was allowed on my old 30 day renewal prescription over the past year, I have stockpiled an additional two months worth.)

For what it is worth, I looked into ordering via foreign medicine supply houses. I spent $149 for a book that explained the entire procedure to legally do it, which included placing one's name on a list of authorized purchasers, under a 30 day money-back guarantee. I found the procedure looked sound, but I could not get my particular prescription, so I ended up mailing back the book and getting my money back. (And, presumably, my name removed from the authorized purchasers list.)

Good luck to you.

-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), November 16, 1999.

Nice clue, Nikoli. Email me, and we can talk about your meds.

Good to see you back Mumsie. I'm loving re-reading your stuff over on that other thread.


-- Pinkrock (, November 16, 1999.

HEY! Someone please get some verification, something of this! My DGI parents live very close to UTA....actually I guess they could drive over and check it out themselves if they wanted to see. I have always thought that evidence of generators, etc. afoot would send them down the road to awareness. I live north of Dallas, but work in Grand Prairie, right next to Arlington, might have to check this out myself.

-- preparing (, November 16, 1999.

"He gives me blank look, says they are finished aren't they? Pretty much, I replied. I don't think we meant the same thing."

LOL!! Love it!

-- Linda (, November 16, 1999.

I am a retired nurse for those of you who need medications for various conditions search the net for other alternative methods such as garlic in the oil form gel capsules three to four a day drives bp down dramatically.

Asthema sufferers drink coffee and get a significant other to do cupping on the back (chest area)twice a day morning and nite.

Tooth ache cloves or clove oil will kill the pain

Hot pack any infection real early upon onset 20 minutes at a time periodically thru the day.

Spider webs work great at stopping bleeding so does pepper.

Parents if your child gets an earache have some soft jelled garlic capsules if no electricity hold in hand to warm then use a pin to puncture one end squeeze drops into ear put cotton in place and pain will go in a short time also is a natural antibiotic.

For sore throat gargle with asprin in hot water and swallow some. Repeat every four hours boy does that feel good and the pain goes.

For headache find the first joint of the thumb place your thumb in the web of the thumb and first finger press firmly against the first joint of the thumb nearest hand. Do this on each hand hold for a min. If you have the right spot at this pressure point it should hurt when you press on it. The headache should go away fast if not a migrane type. The right hand takes care of a headache on the left and the left for the right side of head. If its center this still works amazing!

And vinegar? email me and i will send you sixty four uses for it a lot of them for health.

Go to the net and look there is something in nature for everything remember there were no pharmacies when the red man occuppied this country and they did do well before the white man came.

Do your search of herbs and what they do.

Also I recomend stocking up on vitamins with iron and protein tablets with amino acids.

-- Susan Barrett (, November 16, 1999.

Plain old Vitamin C does wonders, too. One of my boys, then age 5, got a thorn in his palm but didn't tell us about it because he hated to have my wife extract it with a needle. A few days later we saw his hand was swollen, we pinned him down and found out what was going on. By that time a red line was running up his arm, already to the elbow. Blood poisoning, we used to call it. I don't know what the posh word for that is nowadays.

Took out the thorn, of course. Then I crushed a few Vit. C tablets to powder, made a paste with a little water, applied the paste on his arm along the red line, wrapped the whole thing up in gauze, kept it damp to keep the C available. Repacked the same way a couple of times. By evening the red line was receding, next day it and the swelling were gone.

Ascorbic acid. Don't leave home without it.

-- Tom Carey (, November 17, 1999.

On the Prep Forum we've had lots of addresses of veterinary supply houses that sell the same antibiotics used for humans and animals, and many have already purchased them. There is, and two whose names I don't recall perfectly (see prep forum archives) for something like (this one may have another word after jeffers...sorry...have info at home) and These are CHEAP as well.

-- Elaine Seavey (, November 17, 1999.

The 'posh' word is cellulitis.

-- lkawhef (adf@qae9.opajw), November 17, 1999.

I've forwarded this UTA "information" to a friend who teaches at UTA. If he doesn't know the answer, I'll query others who work there. We've been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at his house this year, and he always invites lots of folks from work.

-- Anita (, November 17, 1999.

Susan, you give credit to folk medicines what mainly is spontaneous remission and/or the placebo effect. "Time heals, and the herbalist takes the credit" -- that routine. This subject was dealt with quite completely IMO in the article on my website entitled "Y2K Prep Supplies You Probably Don't Need", item #11.

Also, if you don't mind revealing this, please tell us how long it has been since you A) took a nursing class, and B) worked as a nurse at a hospital or large clinic, respectively?

-- MinnesotaSmith (, November 17, 1999.

Hey MinnesotaSmith,

How old are you? Clove oil was the ACTIVE ingredient in many over the counter toothache medicenes for years. Does it work? Always did for me.

Want to stop bleeding in a hurry. Cover it with cayenne pepper and it will stop and the pepper doesn't sting when you put it on. I've had many occassions, unfortunately to find out how well it works (a little clummsy in my old age(54)).

The ingredients in many herbs and or other plants etc.. do work for many things. I do go a doctor for many things but not for a lot of the common ones. I am not anti-modern medicenes but living a long way from a Hospital teaches you to use what is availble. Not many doctors or hospitals out in the boonies.

Not all old folk medicenes work, but you would be surprised how many do.

Technology doesn't have all the answers, if it did we wouldn't have Cancer anymore.

Don't place your faith totally in technology.

wally wallman

-- wally wallman (, November 17, 1999.

Just got back from UTA. There are 3 large (approx. 5'x5'x5') dark green electrical boxes inside a temporary fence, also an electrical contractors trailer. The only description on these is: S&C pad mounted gear. I am not a technical person, but I doubt that these are generators.

OTOH, the SW Bell switching station in downtown Arlington has a 15-2000KW diesel generator sitting behind the building. The signage on it was Agrecko and implies that it is a rental.

-- tomd. (, November 20, 1999.

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