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We all know what the situation is: Y2K and no one knows what will happen. There are two main camps on this forum, Doomers and Pollies. Lets look at the results to society no matter what happens as a result of Y2K if you are a Doomer or if you are a Polly. If a BITR there is zero harm to society no matter what your position is. So society can only be harmed if Y2K is worse than a BITH. Now if everyone was a GI there would be no problem other than some would be better prepared than others. But because everyone is to some extent prepared there would not be a need for defensive preps right at the start. And with everyone prepared there would be a better opportunity to work around the problems and a better chance of survival. Now if everyone is a polly and no one was prepared we could all be facing iminent death and/or hardships. Such a situation could lead to panic and all of the things defensive preps are needed for. My conclusion is that not preparing is harmful to society and individuals. Being a Polly demonstrates a selfish short sighted mind set of expecting society to care for you. Being a Doomer demonstrates an individualistic approach to participating in society. Please support any disagreement without resorting to the usual polly drival.

-- Mr. Pinochle (pinochledd@aol.com), November 16, 1999



-- agree (right@agree.agree), November 16, 1999.

Yep...that just about sums it all up...

-- Ludi (ludi@rollin.com), November 16, 1999.

Pollies can't allow indivualism. Pollies are goverment employees who can't make it without dependant people to keep them employeed in the welfare office or other make work crap. If Americans are ever independant again, they may have to go to work.

-- goldbug (goldbug@mint.com), November 16, 1999.

...duh.........Hey, Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!! I have for awhile wondered why I am prepping and why I cannot convince myself that this will be a pleasant year coming. I now realize it is because of my co-dependent issues (formally known as being UN-SELFISH) which at one time was honorable and is now a mental illness! Us co-depedents sacrifice for others, so that they will be looked after and taken care of. Most will undoubtly survive this through no EFFORTS of THEIR OWN! And, you know what? They'll probably say "see, you wasted all your time and money prepping for nothing? They (Red Cross, FEMA, etc...)were able to help us through. Never realizing that everyone that prepped was able to provide for more than themselves and this "cushion" of preps was JUST WHAT the situation needed to just miss being a total collapse. We have served ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country well. Time to go prep some more!...after I have a beer...lol

-- Vern (bacon17@ibm.net), November 16, 1999.

I beg your pardon Mr. Pinochle but the main camps are the ignorant and the apathetic. Doomers and pollies are an insignificant minority barely detectable amongst the American population. Doomers and pollies suggest individuals that have taken the time to educate themselves on the subject and then take a course of action or NOT. You can't underestimate the numbers of people in this country that don't care because their current problems are far more pressing and then there is the rest that simply don't know and don't care to know.

-- Guy Daley (guydaley@bwn.net), November 16, 1999.

I have heavily prepared for next year, even though I don't consider Y2K as a major threat to my life, or a major threat to the life of anyone in this country regardless of how unprepared they might be. I do consider it as a major economic threat and that is what my preparations are geared towards most.

I expect people in rich countries will survive essily enough. They won't be as fat and happy as they are now, but they'll gain valuable material for stories to bore future generations with. Personally, I'd rather be prepared so I'll have it easier. I can always exaggerate my stories for the grandkids.

-- Gus (y2kk@usa.net), November 16, 1999.

Guy, The main camps on THIS FORUM are pollies and doomers and we realize we are a small percentage of the total population. But the analysis works for the entire population because the majority are DGI and could be classified as pollies.

-- Mr. Pinochle (pinochledd@aol.com), November 16, 1999.

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