Unsharp Masking with color negative film.

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I hope to start experimenting with unsharp masking with color negative film. I plan on using TMax 100 b&w film for the mask and I have a color enlarging head. Does anybody have any ideas how I can zero out the orange mask that is found on most color negative films? Another way of viewing this is how can adjust the light source (which includes the orange cast of the negative) so that it is daylight balanced. I do not have access to a color temperature meter.

-- Stephen Willard (willard@lvld.hp.com), November 16, 1999


There is a good description of masking techniques in the book Post Exposure by Ctein. It would be worth it to read. He suggests dialing the color head to 90M + 60C.

-- Michael Briggs (MichaelBriggs@earthlink.net), November 20, 1999.

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