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I am reconfiguring my home layout and have decided to switch to dcc. I have the traditional block control with common rail.(THere are no reverse loops-after many years of frustration,etc., this layout was designed with none). My question is as I am relaying some new track and building a new yard, should I still put in block sections or just use metal rejoiners for all connections. My layout is an around the room of about 12 x 15 feet and will have a 5 to 7 track yard area. I have only 4 or 5 locomotives. Thank you, Larry

-- Larry Pavone (, November 16, 1999



Depends on your future. If you will want signaling or any reason to sense occupancy in the areas of the new construction - design in the sections now. Another consideration with DCC is spreading the power arround by choosing to have sections with separate boosters. Many have reported better operations with smaller multiple boosters in sectionalized blocks. When one short occurs with a derailment or a bit of bad trunout - only the block section gets pulled out - the rest of the layout will continue to operate. You don't have to rewire everything - but you'll want to upgrade your wiring over time for better operations. Check out the Alan Gartner site for loads of good practices and reccomendations. ( homepage.htm).

-- Ed McCamey (, November 19, 1999.

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