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I have one last major task to do. I need info on converting my 6000w 110 onan generator to 220v to supply my well.The generator is in an old motorhome with 100 gallon gas supply.I know it will be a little underpowered,but it is my only option. The well is 300' deep.If anyone can help or point me to a website with that kind of info, I would appreciate it. Thanks

-- Stephen (, November 16, 1999


Don't know if it'll help you.....but..... I've got a 3000w Coleman that has 2 seperate outlets, both with their own breaker. I checked the outlets, and they're both putting out 120v. Either side to ground is 120v. )Yes, I know, it's supposed to be that way. I'm an electrician, and I do understand these things.) Both sides together is 220/240v. (it takes both sides of the windings, or phases) It's limited to about 10 amps of 220 with the little 3000w, but it IS 220v. Will it operate a 300' deep well? Don't know. You'll have to get a meter, check both sides (hot's) together. You'll get something, and if it's pulling off both sides of the generator (windings), you'll get 220v. If not, then you're really going to have to get one hell of a hand pump. Hope you can make some sense out of this. JIm Miller

-- Jim Miller (, November 16, 1999.

If the stators on the generator ARE wound to provide 220v, and they have split the legs into 2 outlets, as was pointed out in a previous response, you should have no problem converting it by making a plug that plugs into both outlets, but the 2 HOT leads are wired into ONE 220v female plug, (which you would then plug your well pump into).

However, if for some reason this is NOT possible, you can obtain a 120v/240v Autotransformer, This is a step-up or step down transformer, you can use it to change 240vAC into 120vac or 120vac to 240vac.

I am staring at a picture of it in a catalog from Alternative Energy Engineering. I know that Trace Engineering offers them as well for use with their 120v only Inverters so you can run a 220v appliance from it.

Ratings in watts: 2500; 4000; 8000

Prices in dollars: $225; $295; $595

Alternative Energy Engineering has a web site, I don't know if the transformer is listed. oh, wait, I just went there and found it, here's a link:


-- plonk! (, November 16, 1999.

Stephen, I think the easy way on this one would be to contact your local RV outlet. I bet this is done all the time so it should not be a problem. It really depends on the way your generator was mfg. I am speaking in terms if your generator has two phases.

-- Bill (sticky@2sides.tape), November 16, 1999.

Go the The Juice Page and register for the BBS (free). This question has been asked and answered in DETAIL there. Those guys are HARD CORE genny guys.

Good luck.

-- Dennis (, November 16, 1999.

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