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Governance team member for the year.

Our district is apart of The Minnesota Department of Children, Families & Learning's Minnesota Educational Effectiveness Program (MEEP) . I am a member of ISD #361's MEEP team. MEEP is coordinated by the Mn Dept. of CFL and supports efforts to continuously improve Minnesota's public schools. MEEP increases the emphasis on learners and challenges schools to prepare students for the 21st century. MEEP assists schools with implementing Minnesota's Graduation Standards. MEEP sponsors statewide leadership conferences as well as region workshops and meetings. Our school is assigned to MEEP Regional Coordinator that assists us. I will attend both a workshop that is suited to my educational discipline as they become available during the year and the State Leadership Conference at the end of the year. I will write a paper and the end of each to summarize.

-- Anonymous, November 16, 1999


Hi Patty, Sorry I overlooked your grade proposal since 11-16, but it is ceratinly appropriate for your position. It's great that you are taking the leadership role in your district in special education as things are constantly changing. I will look forward to reading your papers as I , too, will be better informed on the issues. Thanks for you promptness in sending your grade proposal. Happy Holidays! Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 06, 1999

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