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Dear friends,

Somebody I know has the following solar power system for sale; they sent me the following description: it can generate 7500 watts/day and store about 24,000 watts. For more information, call Kevin at (970) 323-0102. Note: this isn't spam that somebody sent me that I am forwarding, I actually am acquainted with these people.

Robert Waldrop free on-line book on coping with y2k disruptions

Brand-new turn-key Y2K home solar power system available to you immediately at a huge discount! Save thousands of dollars and weeks of planning and shopping.

Our family must sell due to change in Y2K plans. This solar system will provide you with power for essential things so you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle if the power is off for a week or a month. ** Immediate delivery (shipped to you right away). ** Highest quality components. ** Everything still in the original boxes, ready to be installed. **

Original manufacturers' warranties apply. ** A complete, compatible system, from a single source - all the "homework" (research) is already done for you. ** FREE consulting with expert solar installer. We pay him. ** Can be installed and running within 30 days and well before Jan 1st. **** For detailed specifications of equipment being offered, and other questions, call Kevin at (970) 323-0102.

-- robert waldrop (, November 16, 1999


"it can generate 7500 watts/day and store about 24,000 watts."

Robert, you need to tell us more about this. It would be generating watts, not watts/day. And it would be storing watt-hours, not watts.


-- Al K. Lloyd (, November 17, 1999.

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