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Although I think that's an optimistic number...didn't Koskinen just say recently that 50% of 911 call centers are not compliant?

Here's a portion of the news from CNNfn's site for educational purposes.


Despite the nation's progress in fixing its computers for operation on Jan. 1, the president's chief Y2K troubleshooter, John A. Koskinen, said the report also shows that a few national sectors could be regarded as potential trouble spots:

* "911" call centers. A survey of 2,700 emergency call centers found that only 50 percent of the centers were Y2K compliant as of Oct. 1. But the National Emergency Number Association expects computer fixes to be made to virtually all 911 call centers before year's end. The association has identified only seven call sites, which officials did not identify, that will not be Y2K ready on Jan. 1.


Now I have to wonder if the poor folks that will be depending on those seven call centers will be given instructions as to what to do in case of emergency instead of wasting precious moments trying to get thru to someone with 911? Wouldn't it make sense to let those affected know what the contingency plan is?


-- beej (, November 16, 1999


I should have given a link so you could the the article in its entirety. Here it is.

CNNfn article


-- beej (, November 16, 1999.

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