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When I use dprov1 to see how a provission has been put together, I have noticed, that in the line of price/pricequantity, two capital letters shows up, I have seen "ST" and "LI", what is the meaning of this code?

-- Peter T. Petersen (, November 16, 1999


ST --> Bulk price (Staffelpreis) LI --> List price (Listenpreis) V0 --> vks0 (Customer conditions) V1 --> vks1 V2 --> vks2 V3 --> vks3 V4 --> vks4 S --> vkan S1 --> vkan01 S2 --> vkan02

vks2,vks3 and vks4 are only discounts

-- Hubert Hernadi (, November 17, 1999.

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