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State computers behind schedule, under budget


CARSON CITY -- Nearly half of the major computer projects being developed by the state are behind schedule but most are within budget, a governor's committee was told Wednesday.

Marlene Lockard, director of the state Department of Information Technology, said because of the jumbled structure, there's no way to tell just how much is being spent on the operations of the state's computer system which in many cases doesn't share information.

And what's worst, she said that when these projects are completed "We don't know if they accomplished the goal."

There is more than $197 million in technology projects being developed with 92 percent of them within budget but only 54 percent on schedule.


Of course they can claim to be 'under budget'. They are not even close to doing what they needed to have done. This is laughable. It is like saying that you have 300 dollars to fix a transmission and you have bought half the parts so far and you are under that 300 dollars.


Worse than that is that with fifty days to go, it is not possible for them to be ready for Y2k. Not possible.

Notice well, that they say that they have NO idea if their goals have been accomplished.

Without having any idea at all, you tell me why the state of Nevada has not warned its citizens of this occurance.


Paul Milne

"If you live within 5 miles of a 7-11, you're toast"


-- snooze button (, November 16, 1999


"Without having any idea at all, you tell me why the state of Nevada has not warned its citizens of this occurance"

Ooh, I know that one! Because nowhere else is any better off, so even if the herd scatters, all they're doing is moving the problem and burning fuel.

Either that, or maybe, just maybe, it's possible that those in charge there view the average citizen with utter contempt and really couldn't give a rat's arse about them. Nahhhh.

Could we get the FBI (or the press) to watch the air- and sea-ports for public officials skipping the country? PLEASE tell me that we can.

Oh, there's a lovely image for you. Plane after plane full of corpulent faceless beaurocrats, each with a pnuematic mistress and a suitcase bulging with the City silverware, streaming towards the Pacific islands come late December.

Care to bet against it?

-- Colin MacDonald (, November 16, 1999.

At least we know for a fact that all those slot machines are compliant.

-- standing (on@seven.teen), November 16, 1999.

>t least we know for a fact that all those slot machines are compliant.

Ooh well then, we know NV won't fall off the map as an entity.

If they could add the ability to sell a pack of smokes and run a few casino buses one could be more confident. It's all people really expect out of NV anyway.

-- Paula (, November 16, 1999.

Well, since I live in Nevada, I can assure you slots and cigarettes aren't the ONLY thing we need..... don't forget the brothels (tongue in cheek). The reality is that the state of Nevada has professed to be "ready" for months! Of course, their remediator just filed bankruptcy (could that be the reason they don't know if their goals have been accomplished? I've been to several Carson City preparedness meetings and they have all been a bunch of ***sh*t. And I work for a school system that JUST STARTED remediation (not Clark County). I think the only hope we have in our state is that most of the towns (exception Las Vegas, Reno and Carson City) are small and not densely populated. We'll be staying away from those areas for sure, hunkered down and safe. Because we're prepared, the only concern I have right now is that my job will be there after roll over (it's funded by grants)..... even so, we spent the last year drastically lowering our cost of living and can survive without it. Good luck to us all!


-- Pam (, November 16, 1999.

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