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Oracle users face costly Y2K upgrades ---

Cliff Saran - ComputerWeekly

Oracle users may have to fork out for costly software upgrades because of Y2K bugs found in several of the supplier's e-commerce suites.

The products - which include the online shop front Oracle Commerce Server, the Internet billing system Oracle Payment Server and Internet Commerce Server - use a non-Y2K-compliant version of Sun's Java development environment.

The revelation could be bad news for users. It comes at a time when IT departments have locked down their systems for the millennium roll-over.

Users will have to choose between upgrading to the new Oracle software and risk introducing new Y2K bugs, or not upgrading in the knowledge that the software is not Y2K compliant.

At the time of writing, Oracle had yet to send out letters informing UK users of the issue.

In a white paper on its Web site, Oracle said, "Customers using these versions will be required to migrate to iStore 3i and iPayment 3i, respectively."

Migrations tend to involve costly and disruptive upgrades to software.

However, a spokesman for Oracle said the database giant has chosen to offer users an upgrade rather than a simpler patch to their existing software because "it is impossible for us to provide a patch for all our products".

-- snooze button (, November 16, 1999




-- Y2Kook (, November 16, 1999.

"At the time of writing, Oracle had yet to send out letters informing UK users of the issue."

Look for more "responsible" idiot nonactions similar. Like the medical equipment co. that told its customers on 12/30/99 (no kidding) that the equipment couldn't handle the 99 rollover.

Will the deep sleep really continue right through 1/1/2000?

-- who cares anymore ('s.over), November 16, 1999.

"non-Y2K-compliant version of Sun's Java development environment"

Java, the latest and greatest in technology, has Y2K bugs? The same Java that has been used in many cases to replace old, noncompliant technology?

At this late date?

Oh boy, Tick... Tock... <:00=

-- Sysman (, November 16, 1999.

--normally i tell folks to GET OUT of the big cities, well GET OUT of the microscam/written for wintell platform software addiction! out! don't use that crap! chunk it OUT! they lie, get caught, come up with some patch, then a patch for the patch, then find out the HARDWARE still bytes it! this is a major CLUE i think! throw that stuff away, quit making those people rich. there ARE perfectly good alternatives out there. even in economics 101 saving a buck to lose 10 doesn't make any sense. that's it, just a mini warning rant zog

-- zog (, November 16, 1999.

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