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In order to recruit a new candidate to the guild any member can sponsor the candidate by forwarding the candidates name to Verity Moonglow. If possible also include their ICQ number and which section they wish to enter (if any). I will then broadcast to the entire guild the candidates name to solicit supporters and objectors. Could you all make sure that I have your ICQ numbers.

In order to be enrolled a candidate must have a sponsor, 3 supporters and be acceptable to the God who's section they will join. The God can be a sponsor and/or supporter in which case only 4 people need to be involved, it is also the case that a candidate cannot join a section that has no God. It is the sponsors responsibility to make sure that the candidate has read and accepted the published guild rules. It is every members responsibility to respond to the call for a new candidate if they have any involvement. Do not assume that somebody else will sponsor the candidate and that they will have enough supporters.

In the event that there are objections to a candidate then mediation will occur and a sensible course of action taken on a case by case basis, it is this instance that total number of supporters will be taken into account.

Once the conditions have been met I will leave it for a further 2 days after which I will contact Ramsis and the candidate will be enrolled.

-- Verity Moonglow (, November 16, 1999

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