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I've been observing this forum for weeks now, hoping that it might actually bend back toward what I thought the orginal topic was: Y2K - The Aftermath - What we can do after TSHTF. While entertaining, this forum seems to have been left to blow in the wind...interesting, but less useful than I'm sure we could all use right now...while we can still access it. Here's a site I recently came across that deals with contigency planning, crisis management, and The AfterShock. Hope this might fill this void I've found at this forum. System Transformation: www.systemtransformation.com/artaftersho.htm

-- Mike Freed (mikefr@cs.misw.com), November 16, 1999


Hi Mike. Just thought I'd point out that Ed Yourdon's site links to here as a "Y2K discussion forum", and the post guidelines say "Y2K-- preparation and related issues--are recommended discussion topics". I honestly had no idea that this was supposed to be an AFTERMATH forum. Is this documented anywhere?

-- Colin MacDonald (roborogerborg@yahoo.com), November 16, 1999.

The aftermath is the topic of the HumptyDumptyY2K forum also on this server...

Diane would you be so kind as to supply the link? I am terribly deficient, HTML-wise...

If you click on the LUSENET selection on the top of the screen, you may search through the other forums on this server....



The Dog

-- Dog (Desert Dog@-sand.com), November 16, 1999.

With the delay in posts appearing I can't tell if anyone has supplied the link yet. If so, apologies for the duplicate:


-- (RUOK@yesiam.com), November 16, 1999.

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