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Hey girls! Can you believe it's almost time for us to start making some actual definite plans about our weekends? I'm sure phone calls will be involved... I can't wait to hear everybody's voices, although I have them in my head for all of you already so I'll either be all wrong or it will be really weird because I'll be so right.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that my problem regarding what to tell people about where I'll be that weekend is solved. My father has to be in Philly that Friday, so my mother is going with him, and then they're going to New York City for the weekend straight from there. They originally weren't going to go because they wanted to come to my Messiah concert, but I convinced them that it wasn't really going to be that good (and it won't) so they should go ahead with their weekend, which lets me come there without having to fib at all! They'll be leaving for Philly Friday morning, so I won't run into them on the highway or anything (god bless, that would probably happen to me).

I'm sooo looking forward to getting together... these last few weeks of school are going to suck so badly, I'll definitely be ready to party!

-- Anonymous, November 15, 1999


I know, I'm so excited too! I'm excited to see Mel and Liz again and to finally meet you. And it's going to be so cool to see Mel and Liz do their show.

I'm lucky that I don't have to tell any stories, as Dave knows the truth.

The last plan I heard was for us to come Friday night and go to the show then. I just have to get permission to leave early, but that shouldn't be a problem. I guess we should meet at the show and we'll have to work out the details of that.

Which day are Patrick and Kymm coming??

-- Anonymous, November 16, 1999

I can be there both nights. And I think it'd be great if it was just the four of us on Friday and then everybody else on Saturday.

I'm going to get myself out of work early on Friday so I can be there in time. I think it might be best if we all met at the theater, since I'm assuming Liz and Mel will have to be there early to set up and stuff.

And then we have to start planning our next weekend.

Elizabeth, how long is you break between semesters?

-- Anonymous, November 17, 1999

Excellent! We have a plan. I'll get my boss to let me out by three so that I can be there by six.

And I'm going to bring my margaritas in a bucket and my famous "better than sex" cookies. And some other assorted party type foods and drinks.

I can't believe it's so soon. It's going to be so much fun!

-- Anonymous, November 19, 1999

Oh, Kate-Liz-chicky, you CRACK me UP! Dave's mom on time! HA HA! They are coming over for dinner, mom, stepfather, sister, sister's fiance, sister's friend, sister's kid, fiance's kid. But i'm not planning on having dinner early. I'm going to add two hours to whatever time they say they're coming over.

And I have to work on friday -- SUCKS!. I only have to work a half day, but still, I have to get up in the AM. Leora is coming up to visit and we're going to take the train into the city to go to the Warner Brothers store. Saturday we're going out to Woodbury commons for shopping and my friend Dawn will probably come too.

And I'm really happy with the way our weekend is working out too. We can have our girly slumber party on friday and our little friendly party on saturday. yay, it's only two weeks now!


-- Anonymous, November 22, 1999

Hey girls!

Okay....for purely selfish reasons, I'd love it if you guys came to the show on Friday b/c then I'd be able to hang out with you afterwards! The problem with us changing the show schedule for me is that I was supposed to celebrate Hanukkah with Seth's family on Sunday night, but now that I have a show on Sunday night, I'm going to have to do Hanukkah on Saturday night, so after the matinee I can only spend a couple of hours hanging out.

Also, if you came on Friday the four of us will have time together without all the other journalers around. I mean, we all love them dearly, but I'd like time for just the four of us!

Anyway things turn out will be fine with me! I'm just really looking forward to us all getting together!

Elizabeth -- I laughed so hard when I read your whole complicated scenario of where your parents with be and where you will be. Thankfully, the show isn't in Philly so Mom and Dad won't just happen to decide to take in a production of Antigone! Could you imagine?!

Hope this week is going well for you at school! Hang in there, the hell is almost over!

Talk to you soon!

: ) Liz

-- Anonymous, November 17, 1999

Excellent! I was ever-so-slightly disappointed when I first heard that the others were coming because I thought we wouldn't have time together, but if they're coming Saturday then Friday night will be all for us! I'm getting so excited about this and it's driving me crazy because I can't tell anyone about it!! Argh!!!

My last exam is Dec. 17, I leave for KC on the 30th, get back on the 8th and start school on the 10th, so the rest of the break is out for me as far as getting together :( But I'll be able to get away for the odd weekend during the spring... I'm in that last-year-bore-you-to-death mode anyway!

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1999

Hi girls!

I am so glad that we're going to have Friday night just for the journal sisters! I'm really looking forward to it! I just told Seth that I won't be home on Friday because we are having a sleepover!

And, thankfully, the show on Saturday isn't until 2 so we can stay up late and everything without me and Melissa worrying about oversleeping or anything!

I'm also terrifically glad that it worked out this way since I'm going to have to miss some of the Saturday night gathering b/c of Hanukkah. I'm planning on coming back after Hanukkah dinner at Seth's parents but if I had to choose between giving up time with just the four of us and giving up time with the whole journaling crowd, I'm glad it worked out this way. : )

Of course, the next two weeks are going to be INSANE with Thanksgiving and the show and everything! I'll be at my parents from Thursday through early Sunday. It'll be good to see them but I have soooo much to do that it feels like I'm going to be wasting time! So what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Colleen, I hope your plans don't involve Dave's mom being somewhere on time! ;)

-- Anonymous, November 22, 1999

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