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I'm a long-time user of Konica slrs and I appreciate the website for this cause. I've profited from it. I tried putting my comment on the T3 page, but it came back as undeliverable. So I'm sending it to you. Perhaps you might want to add it to the review of the T3. I purchased my Konica Autoreflex T3 camera back in 1976. I still use it today and it gives me great results. In my humble view, I believe the T3 is the best slr camera that Konica ever built. It's a tough cookie. It is a mechanical camera, which means that it requires maintenance at regular intervals. Mind you, those intervals can go up to about 10 years and more, but to have the camera perform at optimum, you'll have to have it overhauled from time to time and re-oiled. If you do that, the T3 should continue to give you good service for many years. I have had my original T3 overhauled 2 times since I bought it. The last time I did it (some 6 years ago) I had my friend Peter at Konica Canada service overhaul it and put in his last new replacement shutter that he had on the shelf. And today I continue to use that T3. I have two other T3 bodies and both work fine. The one I consider my backup camera and the third one I picked up for $50 Cdn and have it stored as a parts camera only. I had Peter check it out for me and he assured me that it will continue to take pictures well. A few years ago I purchased the Konica BM-610Z point and shoot camera. It wasn't made for a very long time. I like it because it has a 28-70 mm zoom lens. But still I must say that the quality of pictures that I've gotten from it in comparison to my trusty T3 is worse. With the T3 I can manipulate the f/stops and shutter speeds, as I want it. In the end my picture turnd out better with the T3, especially when I use a light meter to read incident light. So I will continue to use the T3 as my real camera. I'm only sorry that Konica decided to go out of the slr business. In fact, I feel a bit betrayed by the company, but what's one user's opinion. The bottom line for camera companies is what makes most money for them. By the way, I also possess and use the FT-1. It's rather cute and fun to use, but I still prefer the T3. George Repetski

-- Anonymous, November 15, 1999

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