Local Paper Finally Covers Y2K with a Bang

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Today's issue of The Gainesville (FL) Sun ran a front-page story "Ready for Y2K?" -

"This is the first in a six-part series that will appear on Mondays looking at the possible effects the millenium bug may have on aspects of society - including banking, air travel, health care, transportation and communication - and what you can do to prepare."

The article summarized that most local retailers are not noticing increased sales of "Y2K" products yet, including Publix Supermarkets and Home Depot. However, spokespeople from these two stores said thay were planning on preparing "as they would if a hurricane were being expected". The local army-navy surplus store, however, noted an increase in related sales and even mentioned people buying guns "just in case". They did interview a retiree who wished to remain anonymous who has been preparing for over a year because "it's best to be safe. At least we can eat our food and use our propane."

The best part, however, was on page 3 of the front section. Full page entitled "Are you ready to meet the year 2000?", with sections on Food, Money, Health, Travel, At Home, Supplies and Emergencies. They suggested a five-day supply of food, as well as food for your pets; extra presecription medications; two weeks' salary; the usual flashlight, batteries, etc.

The things that most caught my attention: Talk to your neighbors about sharing resources and skills. Be ready to go without government or retail services for 3 to 7 days. Buy supplies well in advance to help prevent shortages "if such preparations become a mainstream notion". Consider alternative forms of communication such as CB or ham radio. "BE PREPARED TO RELOCATE TO A SHELTER FOR WARMTH AND PROTECTION DURING A PROLONGED POWER OUTAGE OR IF, FOR ANY OTHER REASON, LOCAL OFFICIALS REQUEST OR REQUIRE THAT YOU LEAVE YOUR HOME".

Although I had been disappointed in the lack of coverage in the local media, this is more than I expected. IMO, if anyone out there was sitting on the fence, this would push them into preparing. Again, the "Prep" page is FULL-PAGE coverage with very big headlines.

Will we see TS start to HTF now?

Next Monday - Impact on Banking - should be interesting.

(This is a NY Times syndicate paper, although it was a local reporter. Anyone else seeing similar articles?

-- dakota (none@thistime.com), November 15, 1999


Also, any comments on the "require you to leave your home" quote? Has anyone seen this phrase before?

-- dakota (none@thistime.com), November 15, 1999.

yes. in the northern va emergency preparedness guide. i just wonder if most of these guides aren't courtesy of the template provided by those wonderful folks at the year 2000 conversion office of the white house. they all sound so similar with matches of exact wording.

kind of makes you wonder why they would want to rout us from our houses when they obviously can't provide for us????

-- tt (cuddluppy@yahoo.com), November 15, 1999.

Rout you from your home so your preparations can be rounded up and shared.

-- nervous nellie (nervous@nellie.com), November 15, 1999.

Ooh the "Relief Center" is to PROTECT the people? That is a bit too much like playing the U.N. in East Timor don't you think?

The US of A may assist me if I ask for that assistance, but it may never huddle me amongst thousands of other refugee's in a building for "protection." Barbed wire is like a glass half filled with water, it can be viewed as half empty or half full, and when it comes to "protection" one has to wonder who is really being protected, the population that hates "them" or "them" from the population?

Protect the people? What National Guardsmen outside with machine guns "protecting" those of the wrong color, economic status, or religion? A little ethnic cleasning expected?

Those who stayed at the U.N. in East Timor fared a worse fate than those who marched out enmass. Doesn't anyone ever learn from history? Never, EVER, in a misguided attempt as "aid" delay those who are safest walking the long mile enmass.

No, no, I have to disagree with that little set of guidelines. The people fare best outside of barbed wire AT ALL TIMES. The "aid" may set up some cots for a few freezing people and hand out some food but it needs to be left at that.

I want the "protection" probed and illegalized. We will all walk that long mile enmass with our carts and our packages if it comes to that. We will walk as a free people.

-- Paula (chowbabe@pacbell.net), November 15, 1999.

Wow! The last of the series will be printed on December 20, leaving 11 full days for preparation...(or panic!)

-- Mad Monk (madmonk@hawaiian.net), November 15, 1999.

That is also in the Red Cross y2k brochure. "Be prepared to relocate to a shelter for warmth & protection during a prolonged power outage or if for any other reason local officials request or require that you leave your home". They just passed these out to all the employees at work. (customer service dept.of major appliance manufacturer)

counting down

-- Carol Ann (JCclass69@aol.com), November 15, 1999.

I believe it was established that the prepare for a "three day storm" scenario was because it takes approximately three days to set up a shelter.

-- anon (anon@anon.calm), November 15, 1999.

Just how cold does it get in Gainesville, Florida?

-- (normally@ease.notnow), November 16, 1999.

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