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I've often compared the y2k issue to religion. The reason being, that like faith in a higher power, one's belief in what will or won't happen next year, is partly fact and a whole lotta guesswork/faith.

We as mere mortals, never get to find out weather our faith in God is true or not untill we die, but with y2k, we(on both sides) will be able to find out if our faith was misguided or not, BEFORE we go.

I'm curious of both the GI's and DGI's. Do you see this analogy also, and if so, will the ACTUALL outcome of y2k influence any of your deeper held beliefs, or is y2k an isolated event, unrelated to any deeper conceptions of life?

Me? I keep y2k seperate, although, possibility of it being a catalyst of some sort, weather real or percieved, is not out of the question.

Sorry to get deep but it's just something I have been wondering for awhile now.

-- CygnusXI (, November 15, 1999


I think it's about a lot of broken computer code that will cause a lot of problems, the extent to which and impact of, nobody knows.

46 days.


-- Jack (jsprat@eld.~net), November 15, 1999.

Y2K has its own life and I don't seem to mix the two as a lot of people do. But, who knows what the future will bring? I imagine if some dude is holding a gun at my head demanding I give him all my beans, I will quickly learn to pray real well!! Taz

-- Taz (, November 15, 1999.

The signs are all laid out for us to see. If y2k turns out to be a non-event, then it's my guess that prophecy will die unless something else real significant pops up like mandatory micro-chip implants, NWO or something else. People will have a hard time swallowing any future warnings. Few will even want to warn due to being wrong about y2k.

-- Larry (, November 15, 1999.


Well having read up on many of the worlds religions in a past life :o) I find that my relationship with the "Higher order" and Y2K goes directly to the relationship of mankind to nature. Western society has insulated folks from the natural order and the consequences of social failure will mean confronting natural order in its raw form.

I have always felt a denial in society to co - exist with nature. This is not rocket science, it is our birthrite and we have this need to be lemmings and through ourselves off the cliff because the Jones's do the same thing. But there is little doubt that time will tell that nature breaks what is stiff, wears down mountains and fills valleys. Another words cyclic pressures will happen naturally and what goes up will come down.

Here are a couple of threads dealing with my speculations above

 Tao of the 21st Century, The management of Chaos

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-- Brian (, November 15, 1999.

Catholic doomer-type predictions, which date back long before Fatima, include a "great warning," "three days of darkness," and a "great chastisement" -- all of them past due, by the way. There's a definite sense that the world is so deeply mired in sin & degeneracy that an upheaval is inevitable, altho not necessary the end of the world described in the bible.

My very favorite prediction, which I heard years ago, goes like this: When the year 2000 rolls around, there will be so much chaos in the world that no one will know for sure what day it is.

Really looking forward to that one not coming true. But it certainly adds some serious drama to the y2k picture.

-- oh-oh, we're talking (about@religion.again), November 15, 1999.


I guess I would disagree with your primary statement. I don't look at my preparing as any sort of faith.

I don't have faith that my home will burn down I don't have faith that I will wreck my car I don't have faith that I will get sick

BUT, I am PREPARED for them all, as I am with Y2K.

-- DOC (DOC@...), November 15, 1999.

Never say never. God could too fix it. All He needs to do is wind back history to -- let's say) -- 1800, add 3 Stanford-Binet points to the median human intelligence, and let the good times roll. 3 pts. is all it would take to look ahead, see this problem coming, and dodge it.

Why didn't we think of this earlier?

-- Tom Carey (, November 15, 1999.

1) My faith does not necessarily depend on external events. But...

2) Prayer was answered regarding preparations (and I am preparing). Whether or not Y2K is an "event," I am trying to be obedient.

3) My prayers have been answered in enough (improbable!!) areas that I don't feel that I need to wait for death to know that God exists.

-- Mad Monk (, November 15, 1999.

Cygnus XI,

If you follow the Christian Religion you should remember that Jesus said "No one knows when the end will come, except the father". Civilizations have come and gone, some covering all of the "Known" world at that time. I don't equate Y2K, which is a man-made event, with my faith in the Lord. The Assyrians fell, the Babylonians fell, the Romans fell, the Hebrews fell, everybody can fall and it still doesn't mean anything to the REAL end of time. Jesus said that they will go on marrying, having children, fighting wars, etc.. Sounds pretty much like what the world is like alright.

Computers and programming is man-made and therefore not perfect. Those of us who have worked in it since its beginnings (I started wiring plugboards before digital circuitry (wow am I old)) know how faulty programs can be. It is the human element that makes Y2K the problem that it is. We built this house of cards, now can we keep it from falling over. Time will tell!

Keep your faith intact but remember, make good use of the time you have because you don't how much you still have to use. God first, then family, then your brothers & sisters.

Last Point! NOBODY KNOWS what is going to occur. Calculate the risks for yourself and then act on them.

Lord's blessings,

wally wallman

-- wally wallman (, November 15, 1999.

IMHO, there is no connection between Y2K and religion. You are making a connection between technology and theology. Very difficult. Y2K is a man-made technology problem...period.



-- Irving (, November 15, 1999.

mad monk: My wife and I had this same thought today as we were sitting in our new home up in the foothills. We are moving in this week. We just had a new wood burning stove installed yesterday. At one point, we didn't know where we would be...looking for property for 6 months. The folks we made an offer laughed at us 3 months ago...out of the blue, they called us and accepted our offer...amazing. All the things we have prayed for have come to fruition. Never, in my entire life, have all the things I prayed for come to fruition. I know that there are many who will scoff at this, but F##k 'em. I believe that God will bring many of us together soon, from all walks of life to "deliver" mankind from the evil that rules this world. Later. Shepherd

-- shepherd (, November 16, 1999.

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