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Just purchased a rollfilm holder for $25.00. It looks pretty old but it seems to have everything in place and in working order. It's a Calumet Roll Holder model C2. Is anyone familiar with these? I suppose it could use some cleaning up but hopefully it will work. It's 2 1/4 X 2 3/4 inch size. Any info greatly appreciated.

-- Denis Hill (, November 15, 1999


Regarding your C2 film holder, if it's like mine, it has a cast (aluminum) housing & "back door" with a single spring pressure plate inside. I have four (of various ages), which work "okay" but the counter spacing is somewhat inconsistent, and (by measuring them all) we know the film plane is not even on any of them. They are good for what they are as long as the counters work, but they are not a precise piece of equipment. I have seen the newer C2N models which look like a variation, but made of more plastic and with TWO pressure plate springs. I would like to eventually get a GOOD set of "push in holders" such as the Linhof Rapid Rollex or the Sinar Zoom 2 to replace them. At the moment, my most trusted roll film back is the Horseman, which requires removal of the camera back.

-- Skot Weidemann (, November 17, 1999.

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