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Does anyone know where I should be looking for oil of peppermint?

What kind of price should I expect to pay?


-- peg (, November 15, 1999



-- luna (, November 15, 1999. is good. I just ordered some stuff and got an initial $20 off. I love peppermint oil to clean the palate...I also have some that I paid $5 for from the health food store--one ounce.

-- Mara (, November 15, 1999.


If youd like therapeutic quality essential oils (aromatherapy), great for health needs, try contacting my good friend and colleague, John Steele, down in Southern California.

Exquisite high-energy E.O.s He has a number of different pepermint oils. (Divine!)

Phone: (818) 986-0594
FAX: (818) 907-9617

(BTW... Hes not internet compatible)



-- Diane J. Squire (, November 19, 1999.

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