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This is from today's Irish Times. Maybe it's good that they're reverting to a manual system already!

Gardai (Irish Police) unlikely to work new computer system: Gardai are expected to refuse to work a new #55 million computer system due to be introduced in a number of stations from midnight tonight. It is to replace the existing system which could malfunction at the new millennium. The new system, known as PULSE, was to begin operating in eight major stations tonight, with its introduction in other main stations in the State over the next few weeks. The industrial action, in support of a pay claim, will affect the collection and accessing of files on criminal records, car registrations and firearms. This could adversely affect policing, which relies heavily on records, and will also cause disruption in courts if gardai are unable to provide judges with defendants' previous criminal records. However, senior Garda sources say the damaging effects of the industrial action are not likely to be felt for some weeks as gardai in most stations are likely to continue operating the existing computer systems. There was some confusion among gardai working in Dublin last night about what procedures should operate from tonight. On Friday the 8,000 officers of garda rank received a directive from their staff association, the Garda Representative Association, that they should not work the new system. The 2,000 sergeants and inspectors were told they should also not "co-operate" with its introduction. It is understood that gardai will continue to use the existing computer systems where they are still operational. As the old computers are closed down, it is expected gardam will resort to manual record-keeping, a system which has not operated since the 1970s. There was no sign of any significant development in talks about the industrial action in recent weeks. The pay dispute had been running for a number of years and was supposed to have ended when the Garda claim went to an adjudication board during the summer. However, the proposal from the board was rejected in two ballots of GRA members. They were offered a 4.5 per cent pay increase for a productivity package that included changes in working rosters in cities and the introduction of a new "paypath" system for direct banking of salaries. Garda management was hoping to have begun introducing PULSE, one of the most complex police record-keeping systems available, by last February. According to garda sources at the weekend there is widespread support for the industrial action, and few, if any, members are expected to work the new system.

-- Risteard MacThomais (, November 15, 1999


Just got back from Dublin a couple days ago. Far more serious than the news about the Garda's new computer system was the news that most of the pubs in Dubin are going to be closed on New Year's Eve. How's a good Irishman supposed to get his Guinness?

-- Ed Yourdon (, November 15, 1999.

No sign of end to Garda boycott

Ed, your news is truly astounding. Keep in touch.

-Got Guiness?

-- Steve (, November 16, 1999.

My father tells me a lot of pubs will be closed in England too. It's mainly because they can't afford to pay the staff the extra money they're asking. They also don't want to risk damage to their premises from, er, over-enthusiastic welcomes to the Year 2000.

-- Old Git (, November 16, 1999.

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