Quinces, Types of Trees

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I have a giant (WAY OVER 20 ft..) Quince tree in my yard. This tree is possibly 25 - 50 yrs old with dark brown bark that is "bumpy", the fruit is pungent, greenish/yellow and the flesh is grainy and white. The leaves fall off during August/Septmeber, flowering consists of small white blooms and the fruit usually ripens/drops Late October to Mid November (Southern California Area).

Can anyone tell me what variety of Quince this is?

-- Victoria A. Kaiser (Daveyanne@Greenheart.com), November 15, 1999


From the height standpoint it sounds like a Japanese Quince. The leaves of regular( edible) ones fall in the Spring. If the seeds are arranged like an apple seed cluster then it is not Japanese. What do the seeds look like and what color are the blooms. More Pink or More white? Whitish pink is edible quince.

-- Spiros G Pallas (hpallas@boo.net), March 07, 2001.

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