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I've got a B&J 4X5 Orbit mono-rail with a rotating Graphic back. There are strips (three) of black velvet-like material that are on the bottom and either side of the Graphic back where the plate holding the ground glass mates to the other half of the back (when film holder is not inserted). Apparently there to provide a light tight seal.

Anyway, mine are worn and prevent the plate holding the ground glass from seating solidly on the left side (the plate can be rocked by pushing on the upper left corner).

Where can I fine this tight of light seal material? Is there a better method I can use to seal these edges or do I need to seal the edges at all? Any assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you

Denis Hill

-- Denis Hill (, November 15, 1999


I think that there is a kit you can by for Linhoff cameras, but the cheaper solution is to get these things called "protective pads", or a name similar to this. Basically it's the same velvet material with adhesive backing, sold in approximately 3"x4" sheets. They are designed to be put on the bottom of lamps, ashtrays, and such to keep them from scratching and/or marring wooden furniture surfaces. They are sold at hardware and/or home improvement stores. I stumbled on them when refurbishing my Crown Graphic last year. They are a few bucks each.

-- sheldon hambrick (, November 15, 1999.

If it looks like black velvet, the chances are that it is black velvet. You can find it in dress-making shops. I always get funny looks when I buy it, because it is usually kept with frilly lace and other stuff for ladies' underwear.

-- Alan Gibson (, November 16, 1999.

The soft part of stick-on Velcro might work as well once you've trimmed it a bit.

-- David Grandy (, November 16, 1999.

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