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Will Y2K Trigger Massive War In January? By Richard J. Maybury Copyright ) 1999 By Richard J. Maybury

In 1947, President Harry Truman launched the so-called Truman Doctrine. This made America the policeman of the world. Truman declared, "It must be the policy of the United States to support free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures."

Probably never before in history has any statement of good intentions been so thoroughly twisted in its application.

Every president since Truman has embraced the Truman Doctrine, sending American troops to far corners of the globe, usually not to defend liberty but to train, equip or provide other kinds of help to the armed forces of crooks and tyrants. These crooks and tyrants have included the Shah of Iran, Marcos in the Philippines, Manuel Noriega in Panama, Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Mobutu in the Congo, Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan, General Park in Korea, President Diem in Vietnam, and Suharto and Habibie in Indonesia.

Nearly any thug who promises to be part of Washington's so-called "sphere of influence" - meaning Washington's empire - receives military assistance which is used to suppress his own people. The Shah of Iran and his secret police, for instance, terrorized Iranians for 25 years with the backing of Washington.

In September, in the TV news clips of Indonesian troops slaughtering unarmed Christians in East Timor, you may have noticed the Indonesian troops carrying American weapons. That slaughter was your tax dollars at work. Washington gave the Moslem government of Indonesia three billion of your tax dollars, knowing full well that 200,000 Christians were being murdered.

You might argue that during the Cold War it was necessary to support these crooks and tyrants because they were enemies - or at least they said they were enemies - of the Soviet Union. Today, no one knows why the Clinton administration is still backing crooks and tyrants. You can read any foreign policy journal and find articles admitting that, well, we're doing it just because we've always done it.

Clinton's foreign policy reminds me of the old Army saying, "we don't know what we're doing or where we're going but we're making good time!"

It's just one more demonstration of the fact that political power corrupts both the morals and the judgement.

America the country, stands for liberty, but the government in Washington has become the world's chief supporter of corruption and tyranny.

I'm going to give you some facts and figures, and I hope you will write them down so that you can go home and warn the people you care about.

We will start with this one, please write this down.

There are about 220 countries in the world.

Last year, Clinton had troops in 144 countries.

If you look at the legal systems of countries around the world - and incidentally, on our web site you will find descriptions of the legal systems of nearly every country, it's important for deciding where to invest. The URL is www.chaostan.com.

Go to our web site, look at the legal systems of all countries, and you will find only about 20 where an American would feel comfortable living if he had to give up his American citizenship and live under the laws as the natives do. That's 20, out of about 220.

Most of the world is a nasty place and always has been.

Examples of the few good places are England, Canada, France, Australia and New Zealand.

Let me give you three examples of the rest of the world. Under the Truman Doctrine, Washington gives military protection to the government of Saudi Arabia. If you, an American, had to live under the Saudi government as the Arabian people do, you would feel like you were living in Nazi Germany. If you said something that a member of the royal family did not like, you'd go to prison. If you wrote something they didn't like, you'd go to prison. If you openly practiced Christian or Jewish religion, the religious police would haul you off to prison.

Clinton backs the Egyptian government. An Egyptian who says one word against the government - an Egyptian who gave a speech like I am giving now - would almost certainly end up dead.

Clinton backs the Russian government - gives it money and helps train its troops. The Russian government is probably the most corrupt and hated in the world today, and has enemies everywhere.

And now those enemies are our enemies, because we back the Kremlin - even as the Kremlin conducts ethnic cleansing in Chechnya right now.

And so it goes, all over the world. Washington provides money or aid of one sort or another to most governments, and most governments are at least very crooked, and in many cases they are tyrannical killers.

With the end of the Cold War, the Soviet counterweight to Washington's power is gone; there is no longer any effective check on Washington's behavior in other countries.

Bill Clinton has become what Napoleon and every other power junkie in history has strived for - king of the world.

Any nation that does not toe the lines drawn by Clinton is called a rogue state. America has become the Roman empire, Clinton is the emperor. This is why you see American troops sent to risk their lives in far off places like Kosovo, Bosnia and Iraq. That's Clinton policing his empire.

Washington has the most colossal case of hubris the world has ever known.

In World War II, Washington's enemies were called the Axis. Three years ago I coined the term New Axis for Washington's enemies today. There are twelve. These are the governments of: Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Chechnya, Pakistan, China, North Korea, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and various groups in Russia.

Some of the New Axis hate each other but they hate Washington more, and they assist each other.

If I were the New Axis, I would make my move against the US in January when the Y2K computer problems hit the Pentagon.

But before we get into that, let's take a closer look at the ability of the American armed forces to fight.

At the time of the Truman Doctrine, US troops knew that no matter where in the world they were sent, they would have plenty of air cover and heavy guns to protect them. JANE'S FIGHTING SHIPS reports that the US at that time, in 1947, had: 97 aircraft carriers, 18 battleships, 3 battle cruisers, 31 heavy cruisers, 48 light cruisers, 367 destroyers and 200 submarines.

No matter where in the world American troops were sent, they knew that if they got into trouble, a lot of help would be coming fast. There would be no more Bataans, no Corredigors, no Wake Islands. Never again would American troops be trapped and overrun in foreign lands - they thought.

Remember Somalia? Today, under Clinton, American troops are spread more widely than ever before - last year in 144 countries - and the US Navy has - write this down - 321 ships to protect them. [1] These include no battleships, no battle cruisers, no heavy cruisers and only 10 fully operational aircraft carriers, compared to 97 carriers when the Truman Doctrine was begun.

The Navy today is mostly a destroyer and frigate navy. These are small ships. A destroyer is a fifth the size of a battleship and a tenth the size of a carrier, and a frigate is even smaller, half the size of a destroyer.

All of the Navy's 29 so-called cruisers are the size of destroyers.

Washington is trying to use destroyers and frigates to do the job of battleships and carriers.

Then there's the Air Force, which this year was used to attack Serbia. On the map of The New Axis that little black dot in Europe is Serbia.

Note: Serbia is roughly equal in size and population to North Carolina, and its economy is smaller than that of Rhode Island.

To attack Serbia the Air Force had to use 45 per cent of its aircraft.[2]

Now let me be very quick to point out that America's armed forces are fully capable of defending America. They have more than enough of everything they need to keep our homeland safe.

But that's not their job anymore. Their job now is to be muscle for Washington's global empire.

On June 20th, Clinton expanded the Truman Doctrine into the new Clinton Doctrine. The new Clinton Doctrine says "We ought to stop genocide and ethnic cleansing. Innocent civilians are not to be subject to slaughter because of their religious or ethnic or racial or tribal heritage."

Look at the map of Wars and Near Wars. Presently in Europe, Africa and Asia there are 36 wars. Under the new Clinton Doctrine, America is required to get into 22 of these wars. Large Map

As things stand right now, Washington is already the most meddlesome government the world has ever known. Under the new Clinton Doctrine, the meddling in other nations is due to increase dramatically. Already, in the past 15 months, Washington has bombed Sudan, Afghanistan, Serbia and Iraq.

In other words, the Cold War is over, the US won. Washington now is a prizefighter that won the world championship. His opponent has gone home, the sports arena is empty, and the prizefighter is now wandering in rough neighborhoods picking fights with gang members.

He can beat the gang members one at a time, but - and this is my main point - he cannot beat the whole gang, meaning the whole New Axis.

This is one reason I believe that while the dominant feature of the investment markets during this decade has been high-tech, the dominant feature of the next decade will be war.

The star investments of the new decade will be war-related - weapons and raw materials including oil and precious metals. I will be saying a lot more about that in my workshop at 7:10pm today.

Lockheed is the world's largest weapons maker, so I think Lockheed will be one of the star investments of the next decade. Also, Newport News Shipbuilding, it is the only maker of aircraft carriers.

Internet stocks were the Tulipmania of this decade, and I think numismatics, which are collector's coins, will be the Tulipmania of the next decade, because numismatics are the rarest form of raw materials, and I think the wars will cut supplies of raw materials.

Again, more about weapons stocks, raw materials and numismatics in my workshop.

Be sure to pay close attention to Robert Meier's speech on Saturday. I have been working with Mr. Meier and Fox Investments for five years and this teamwork has produced fantastic results for a lot of my subscribers. Some have earned profits of up to 1,000% using my Chaostan model which I will talk about in my workshop at 7:10pm.

January will bring the Y2K computer event.

America has the most computerized defense department in the world.

Most weapons owned by the New Axis are too old to be computerized, or they were purchased recently and probably don't have Y2K problems.

Will the Pentagon have their Y2K problems fixed by January? They claim they will but there is an old saying in the Air Force. The Pentagon is the place where people who would be failures as taxi drivers give orders to people who fly supersonic jets.

So, if I were the New Axis and I felt ready, I'd make my move in January. The US can handle any one or two of the New Axis but they cannot handle them all and if you and I know this, so does the New Axis.

If they're not ready in January, it's only a matter of time until they are, and then I think they will strike; it's as certain as anything in human affairs can be. The New Axis governments are ruthless, evil rattlesnakes and they are tired of Washington poking sharp sticks at them.

In my newsletter, Early Warning Report, I keep my readers informed about all this and about the economic and investment ramifications of it. Our phone number is 800-509-5400.

When you come to my workshop, be sure to bring your green handout with you, you will need those maps. I will do my best to answer your questions and I will give you 12 investments that I think will profit from the new decade of war. One investment, I think, will increase at least ten fold.

Summarizing, history repeats, we've been here before, in 1941. Like then, Washington has made lots of enemies, and its troops are spread way too thin to handle all these enemies, and the enemies know it.

-- Honest Abe (y@2.k), November 15, 1999


Maybury has been around at least 15 or 20 years, quite possibly longer. he has been published in the WSJ and many other places. He's one of the most astute analayts around.

-- A (A@AisA.com), November 15, 1999.


-- (dogs@of.war), November 15, 1999.

Battleships were obsolete even by WW II, and really only nostalgia kept the New Jersey around for so long. My father and grandfather worked in the Washington Navy Yard making the huge, 16 inch black powder guns those ships used. You were lucky in those days to land a shell within 200 yards of your target at 20 miles.

Large naval formations are as obsolete in the nuclear age as horse cavalry. One guided missile cruiser now has more firepower- nuclear weapons included- than all the Navy of past wars. However, he has an excellent point about the air arm. Planes are not easily replaceable, and pilots less so, and as he points out it takes a hell of a lot of them to do what ground troops and navies used to do.

We have no doubt expanded beyond our means, and as pride goeth before a fall, we are about due to be cut down to size. Like the Romans, great skill and courage aren't enough when the numbers are against you.

-- Forrest Covington (theforrest@mindspring.com), November 15, 1999.

The UK military are claiming that their "frontline" equipment is 100% compliant. No mention of anything else. Anyone have an idea of the ratio of frontline to logistic equipment in a NATO force, or to how long combat troops could operate without logistical support?

-- Colin MacDonald (roborogerborg@yahoo.com), November 15, 1999.


-- (narf@skippy.com), November 15, 1999.

What I don't get about this is - on the one hand, this New Axis is more powerful than the US, is almost certain to strike by January, and we "can't handle them". Futher, they are vicious as rattlesnakes.

On the other hand, however, there are certain investments, in war industries, that are going to make us rich over the next 10 years.

What kind of rattlesnake strike allows the victim to sit around lighting cigars and sipping champagne with his investment gains for 10 years or more ?

-- Count Vronsky (vronsky@anna.lit), November 15, 1999.

The next generation of warfare is probably going to be cyber-warfare; disrupting and rendering an enemy's physical and electronic infrastructure through hacking their systems and corrupting them with bad data and illogical commands....we may very well be experiencing that type of warfare today...it seems to me that if you can't direct a rocket or missile where to go, there's not much use in employing it....So all you former Nintendo whizzes, step up and get your next assignment!!

-- Jay Urban (Jayho99@aol.com), November 15, 1999.

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I really respect Richard Maybury's writing.

If you like reading Maybury, you might also enjoy reading Ralph Peters' articles in Parameters. See, for example, "Our New Old Enemies" at http://carlisle- www.army.mil/usawc/Parameters/99summer/peters1.htm

-- Rick (rick7@postmark.net), November 15, 1999.

97 Aircraft Carriers!!! WOW!!!! I must of slept through that class at the Academy. There were other types of ships converted to haul aircraft around, and some that carried, and could launch a small plane, but I remember numbers of carriers somewhere in the low teens. Please explain.

-- (snowleopard6@webtv.net), November 15, 1999.

War? Maybe not in January but there will be a pack of demons let loose and we can count on that. War is coming. 6 months. 1 year. 2 or 3 years tops but the warning signs are unmistakably all around for anyone who cares to look.

Our leaders (and their councils) are monuments of collosal ignorance but the people... they clamored in ignorance and demanded that their leaders be ignorant like them but even more so. And so it was.


-- S. David Bays (SDBAYS@prodigy.net), November 16, 1999.

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